20/20 Time Out Magazine No 10 January 1989 Paul Newman Al Pacino Julee Cruise Marc Almond

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20/20 Time Out Magazine No 10 January 1989 Paul Newman Al Pacino Julee Cruise Marc Almond
Time Out 20/20 Magazine No 9 December 1989 content includes

JULIE BURCHILL 12 A not so fond farewell to the '80s as our Julie looks to the future.
FACE VALUE 16 Spooky little Julee Cruise; ripe directors Paul Bartel and Paul Morrissey: Donald Sutherland's 'Dry X'hite Season': Gary Glitter's tinsel tonsils; the serious side of Marc Almond; the creations of Tam Joseph: Art. Malik's latest TV role.
FOREIGN AFFAIRS 26 Annie Bennett in Spain with director Pedro Almodovar, the man who put the mad in Madrid (p26); Earth First! are armed, dangerous and fighting to save the planet. Richard GuiHiatt reports from Arizona (p32); author Peter Davies travels to Berlin, where confu-sion is rapidly replacing Communism (p38): Antony Shuggar on Vittorio Emanuele, inter-national arms dealer, accidental killer and ex-iled Crown Prince of Italy (p40).
RETURN MATCH 42 Brian Case finds out why Al Pacino dropped out of sight.
REMOTE CONTROL 52 Irish director Neil Jordan on his longest day in lonely Hollywood.
SLAYING POWER 58 Joan Goodman on set with Paul Newman. Hollywood's best-preserved dinosaur.
THE DEATH OF DESIGN .68 As we leave the Design decade behind us. Mark Edwards asks whats Next.
NENEH CHERRY 74 Vivian Goldman on the pop sensation with attitude.
'MI PLEADING HEART .... 80 Sarah Kent probes the work and psyche of artist John Kirby.
BANANA SPLIT 86 Private Eye journalist Christopher Silvester behind the scenes of the trial that made legal history.
FILM 92 `Fellow Traveller, an Anglo-American enigma, and all the month's new releases reviewed.
VIDEO 98 David Lynch's unsettling 'Twin Peaks', the Cult Classics collection and the pick of the month's home viewing.
MUSIC 102 1.11 Louis's impressive debut album, the weird and wonderful Juice Cruise and the best shows and albums of the month.
CLASSICAL & OPERA 108 The ENO Edit Production of 'Beatrice and Benedict, the best CDs and performances of the month.
THEATRE 112 The RSC's 'Playing With Trains', The Good Person of Sichuan' and a selection of the month's new shows.
ART- 116 The British An Show 1990, Sue Taylor, Christopher Wood, Jiri Kolar and the best of what's on tour.
TELEVISION 121 The Christmas schedules and beyond, into the First transmissions of the decade.
BOOKS 124 An Allen Ginsberg biography. Terry Mc Nlillan's 'Disappearing Acts' and essential reading for the winter months.
OFFERS 130 Treat yourself to a few nightmares by winning 'Twin Peaks', or rock 'n' roll around the house with a ten-CD set of classic music.
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