20/20 Time Out Magazine No 12 March 1990 James Dean Yoko Ono Harry Enfield

20/20 Time Out Magazine No 12 March 1990 James Dean Yoko Ono Harry Enfield

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20/20 Time Out Magazine No 12 March 1990 James Dean Yoko Ono Harry Enfield
Time Out 20/20 Magazine No 12 March 1990 contents include

JULIE BURCHILL 8 Repression, retractions and critical reactions as s seen through the eyes of Ms B.
FACE VALUE 12 The shoe fetish of Dominique Bordenave; the unhealthy obsession of John Repsch; the unlikely return of Adam Ant; the leading lights of Ragamuffin, New York's latest music craze; the real Blaze Starr; Jude Kelly and her theatre.
FOREIGN AFFAIRS 22 Susan MacDonald in France chronicles the rise of Le Pen and the fall of anti-racist organiser and media personality Harlem Desir  

JAMES DEAN 32 Thirty five years after his death, James Dean and his unruly teenager image are still big business. Richard Guilliatt meets the people who license the image which now brings in more cash than the star himself did when he was alive.

Yoko Ono 38 As Yoko Ono-prepares to bring a major retrospective exhibition of her work to this country, Sarah Kent gives a critical assessment of the influence of an artist who for too long was overshadowed by the achievements of her husband.

GERARD DEPARDIEU 44 During a spell in prison, Gerard Depardieu tried his hand at acting as a cure for natural reticence. He has never looked back. Geoff Andrew is granted a rare audience with the actor who for many is a living symbol of French cinema.

FLOWER POWER 50 Are drugs, flares and flowers really coming back into fashion or is it all hype? Chris Salewicz confronts several '60s originals with the disturbing evidence.
DANCE PHOTOGRAPHY 54 Suzi Feay meets Chris Nash, the dance photographer whose studio pictures cap-ture perfectly the excitement and movement of live dance performance.
MILES DAVIS 62 Brian Case profiles the legendary jazz trumpet player and on the following pages we present an extract from Davis's forthcoming autobiography where he recalls his years of excess, when he Devoted himself exclusively to drink, drugs and sex.

COMIC WRITERS 72 Behind every great comedian, there's a team of scribblers, beavering away and honing the performer's material to perfection. Malcolm Hay meets the three men who drop the words of wit into the mouths of Lenny Henry and Harry Enfield.

JOHN MALKOVICH 80 As the vicious Vicomte de Valmont in 'Dangerous Liaisons', Malkovich horrified and attracted millions. Brian Case finds him keeping cool in the desert, on loca-tion for his latest film, an adaptation of Paul Bowles's 'The Sheltering Sky'. OFFERS 130 Your chance to win six titles from the second CBS/Fox Modern Classics video collection or a prize package of seven great modern novels from WH Smith.

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