20/20 Time Out Magazine No 13 April 1990 Sylvester Stallone Peggy Ramsay Lee 'Scratch' Perry Peggy

20/20 Time Out Magazine No 13 April 1990 Sylvester Stallone Peggy Ramsay Lee 'Scratch' Perry Peggy

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20/20 Time Out Magazine No 13 April 1990 Sylvester Stallone Peggy Ramsay Lee 'Scratch' Perry Peggy
Time Out 20/20 Magazine No 13 April 1990 contents include

FACE VALUE 10 Maya Angelou and Martin Luther King; the observations of Nicholson Baker; Joan Fontcuberta and his imaginary menagerie; Concrete Blonde's west coast; Lee 'Scratch' Perry's Zurich; Krzysztof Kieslowski's images of Nand; the return of the golden voice of Billy MacKenzie; the beauty of Ryuichi Sakamoto.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS 22 Richard Guilliatt in Washington tells the story of a drugs scandal that's rocked America (p22); Matthew Gopher in Poland counts the cost of 'freedom' (p24); Dominic in France at the opening of a centre Devoted to comics (p30).

SYLVESTER STALLONE 34 Much of his screen career has been spent doing battle, and as Rambo and Rocky, the indomitable Stallone always wins. But now he wants respect as an actor. As Cameron Stauth reports, this could prove to he the toughest fight of his life.
ART FACTORY 42 Matthew Gwyther travels to Halifax's Dean Clough centre, where enterprise and artistic endeavour combine to produce a haven for creativity and capitalism alike.
WEST COAST RAP 48 Matt Dyke and Mike Ross run Delicious Vinyl, the label that brought rap into the mainstream with Tone Loc's Wild Thing. Chris Salewicz meets them in LA.
PEGGY RAMSAY 52 As theatrical agent for the likes of Joe Orton, Alan Ayckbourn and David Hare, Peggy Ramsay has dictated the course of British theatre for nearly 50 years. Now at last she's broken her silence for the BBC. Stephen Pile has seen the results.

DAVID MACH 56 Sarah Kent assesses the work of a very public, confrontational artist whose sculptures have been described as "very stimulating" and "a load of old rubbish".

ROLAND GIFT 66 Now that he's taken the American charts by storm, Roland Gift is set to try his hand at the stage, as the romantic lead in Hull Truck Company's forthcoming Edit Production of Romeo and Juliet. Vivien Goldman weighs up his chances.

PAUL MAZURSKY 72 His previous film, Moon Over Parador, was a disaster, but Paul Mazursky's latest, Enemies, A Love Storygarnered two Oscar nominations and revitalised his direct-ing career. "You only need one yes", he explains to Christopher Silvester.

LINDA BLAIR 76 Her most famous film role was as a child with a spinning, spewing head in The Exorcist, but Linda Blair is shockingly nice. Mark Kermode finds out how the notorious film affected her life and looks forward to its spoof, Repossessed

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