20/20 Time Out Magazine No 17 August 1990 John Boorman Jamie Lee Curtis Annie Anxiety Martin Potter

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20/20 Time Out Magazine No 17 August 1990 John Boorman Jamie Lee Curtis Annie Anxiety Martin Potter
Time Out 20/20 Magazine No 9 December 1989 contents include

10 FACE VALUE Crass singer Annie Anxiety calms down; Gerard Murphy takes Edward II out of the closet; Majek Fashek, Nigeria's prisoner of conscience; Jon Hassell's Fourth World music; Liz Torres; the reigning Queen of House.
10 THE SNAKE Mr Spock and his bolt from the blue; the heat is on for household pests; drinking to distraction Down Under; a guide to good frog kissing; how nappies make a good meal last forever; marauding schoolgirl vigilantes 22 JAMIE LEE CURTI'S The former scream-Queen and current control-freak talks toltairrence Grobel about keeping abreast with her body of work, snorting coke with a mysterious figure called Tony and why she's always been a little ham.
DISPATCHES: Antony Shugaar on the return of the Lombardy League, stirring up regional prejudice in Italy (page 17); Richard GuiHiatt on New York's cash-flow crisis (page 17); Annie Bennett on corruption, car trouble and culture in Madrid  (page 18); Daniel Banks in Paris describes the current problems at the Pompidou Centre (page 19)
30 BRITISH SURFING Cosmic capers as Alix Sharkey hells south for the summer to catch a wicked wave in exotic Newquay. Here he meets up with Britain's professional wildman and current world surfing champion, Martin Potter.
34 ROBERT VENT U RI The American architect's early work shows why he was a curious choice for the National Gallery extension. As his controversial project nears comple-tion, Martin PawIei' spoke to him about working in Britain.
42 ERICA JONG Her first novel, Fear of Flying, gained her a reputation as a writer she's been trying to live up to ever since. Leslie Bennetts talked to her about strange coincidences, failures and her latest literary flight of fancy.
47 SEASIDE SHOWS In the encroaching sleaze of Britain's holiday resorts, Rupert Smith finds variety show veterans Mollie Sugden and Jack Douglas pulling in the visiting candyfloss crowds with a well-seasoned wink and a laugh.
50 THE BOORMAN Family Three of director John Boorman's four children have now entered into the Family business of film. Chris Salewie.: spoke to co writers John and his daughter Telsche about keeping it all in the Family.
COLUMNS: (1/ix Sharkey assesses the enormous impact of Japanese designers on the clothes we now wear in the West (page 54); potential hedonist Robert Yates takes to the streets of London with the help of a Walkman and a pair of stout walking shoes (page 54); Chris Saiewicz describes how the glamour has gone out of glossy magazines (page 55)
58 FILM by Adrian Turner 79 BOOKS by Neil Lyndon and Stephen Bayley 63 VIDEO by Simon Wood 84 ART by David Lillington 67 THEATRE by Rupert Smith 88 DANCE by Allen Robertson 70 POPULAR MUSIC by Simon Frith 90 OFFERS 76 CLASSICAL MUSIC by Martin Hoyle

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