20/20 Time Out Magazine No 9 December 1989 Joe Strummer Federico Fellini John McVicar Phil Collins

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20/20 Time Out Magazine No 9 December 1989 Joe Strummer Federico Fellini John McVicar Phil Collins
Time Out 20/20 Magazine No 9 December 1989 contents include

20/20 Time Out Magazine No 3 June 1989 Sean Connery Lou Reed Malcolm McLaren Lindsay Kemp Fuzzbox

Time Out 20/20 Magazine No 3 June 1989 contents include

FACE VALUE 14 This month's famous and wannabe famous faces, including a The Clash with Joe Strummer, Brooklyn bawd Jennifer Jason Leigh, violinist Nigel Kennedy, artist Liz Magill, the men behind Viz, and Hugo Zamoratte, the world's first bottled human.

JULIE BURCHILL 26 How to tell your best friend they can't write. Burchill piles on the agony.

NEW YORK 28 Richard Guilliatt on the Bensonhurst Race War.

PALESTINE 32 Face to face with the masked men of the West Bank.
Louisa Young takes a motorcycle messenger's holiday at the world's filthiest bike
41 Peter Browne at home in Harare with the Bhundu Boys.
INTO THE '90s 47 A fallible guide to the next decade's best and brightest, including River Phoenix, pop singer; Mariscal, artist; Nigel Coates, architect; Phillip Knightley's spy world; Bill McKibben's The End Of Nature'; the man who swims with dolphins; and young girls with dummies.

FLAME AND FORTUNE 74 Ryan Murphy face to face with the smokin' Michelle Pfeiffer.

TRAIN SET AND MATCH. Phil Collins says no more Mr Nice Guy. Pete Silverton listens.

A WORLD APART 94 The Italian movie maestro Federico Fellini on the art of the imagination. VIOLENCE IS GOLDEN .. 100
What is the enduring fascination of the Kray Twins? John McVicar visits the set of their biopic and talks to Gary and Martin Kemp, the pop star twins who are playing them.

ROMANY EMPERORS 110 Life in a caravan with kings of the road, the Gipsy Kings. Vivien Goldman profiles the French superstars.

FILM  118 `Mystery Train', the new Jarmusch flick and all the month's movies reviewed.

VIDEO 124 Music special. Dancefloor hits, Gary Glitter live and 25 years of Top Of The Pops.

MUSIC 128 Michelle Shocked interviewed; plus shows and albums of the month, including Adamski, Phil Collins, Momus and John Lee Hooker.

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