Blitz Magazine No 100 May 1991 British football African fashion French cinema

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Blitz Magazine No 100 May 1991 British football African fashion French cinema
Blitz Magazine May 1991 

8 FIRST WORD feminist rap, maurice binder, eurodisneyland, the comeback syndrome, obsessive fans and alberto manguel, plus david bedford, emo philips, tv listings magazines and considered opinion 26 FILM the month's new movies by bonnie vaughan 28 ADS the month's commercials reviewed by mark edwards 30 PRINT the month's new books by jon wilde 32 TELEVISION the month's programmes reviewed by Jonathan bernstein 34 MUSIC the month's new releases by andy darling 36 FILLES FATALES the smoking eyes, the pouting lips... young french starlets speak out by stephanie theobald 46 THE PRICE OF GLORY after the euphoria of the world cup, football faces up to financial reality by stephen kelly 54 SHORT SHRIFT is Clare short a feminist heroine or a labour pain? by john hind 60 RIFAT OZBEK, I PRESUME? as african fashions return to the catwalk, blitz takes them back to the bush photographs by mark lidell text by lisa markwell 71 WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD ? seven expert opinions by malu halasa 78 FUTURE SCHLOCK science fiction is a better barometer of the past than of the future by tom shone 80 TECHNOFUTURES energy, communications, leisure, space, transport, architecture 88 YOU CAN LEAD A WHORE TO CULTURE... is culture dead or just taking a decade off? by jon wilde and michael bracewell 94 BEING BORING are twentysomethings the new blank generation or will they prove the doubters wrong? by steven daly 96 BEING TWENTYSOMETHING by sarah champion 98 BEING THIRTYSOMETHING by jon wilde 102 LAST WORD endgame, the causes of pre-millennial tension; beyond nostalgia, when did we fall out of love with the future? 106 CUSTOMER SERVICE 
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