Blitz Magazine No 39 March 1987 John Lydon Arnold Schwarzenegger Alan Bleasdale Eddie Shah

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Blitz Magazine No 39 March 1987 John Lydon Arnold Schwarzenegger Alan Bleasdale Eddie Shah
Blitz Magazine Mar 1987

Main stories: John Lydon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Julie Burchill, Saul Bass, Eddie Shah, Alan Bleasdale and Bernard Hill.

4 Front: What's Happening 
4 Jan Fabre 
5 The Business Connection 
6 James Brady's Letter from New York 8 Joseph Parfum 
9 Russell Mills: More Dark Than Shark 
10 Film 
10 Kurosawa's Ran 
11 Stallone: the 407 Million Dollar Man 
12 New Releases 
13 Ian Charleson & Julie Walters 
14 Print 14 Isak Dinesen, Paperback Choice 
16 New Fiction, New Non-Fiction 
18 Television 
19 Video 20 Music 
20 Raymonde 
22 Album Reviews 
22 Ruby Turner 
24 The Blow Monkeys 
25 Chakk 
26 Arnold Schwarzenegger: the walking Alp 
30 In And Out Of The Ring: the bruises and torture of Amateur Boxing 
34 Letters: you stab our backs, we'll stab yours 
36 Fashion 
36 Go East, Young Man! 
40 Indian Summer 
42 Julie Burchill: Rebel Journalist turned Literary Darling, interviewed by Dave McCullough 
46 Lager Wars: the rise and rise of trendy beers 
51 Back Issues: essential reading 
52 Saul Bass: graphic designer extraordinaire 
55 Fashion 
55 Pregnant Pause 
60 Mark & Syrie 
62 John Lydon: something Rotten, prodded by Jim Shelley 
68 Obscure Objects of Desire: Vivienne Lynn, Murray Partridge, Peter Care, Sandy Powell 
74 Alan Bleasdale & Bernard Hill: the right stuff 
78 Fashion: doing it doggy style 
82 Eddie Shah: colouring the issues 
85 Subscriptions 
88 People 
88 Eugenie Arrowsmith 
89 John Gordon Sinclair 
90 Nickelodeon 
91 The Kostiffs 
92 Mark Jacobs 
93 Libby Kraal 
94 BRUTE! gratuitous sex and violence 
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