Blitz Magazine No 69 September 1988 Cocteau Twins Charles Manson Willem Dafoe Al Green

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Blitz Magazine No 69 September 1988 Cocteau Twins Charles Manson Willem Dafoe Al Green
Blitz Magazine Sept 1988 

Main stories: Interview with Charles Manson, Willem Dafoe, Al Green, Jeffrey Archer.

6 PEOPLE roger evans, joely richardson, the ukelele orchestra, zaha hadid, david gale, steve kerton 
14 BYLINES hype, hypers and hypees 
128 INSTANT IMAGES polaroids by tim broad
129 LETTERS write to reply 
130 AND... richard grant goes to the gatecrasher's ball 
18 HELTER SKELTER an exclusive interview with charles manson, and report byjonh wilde 
26 BOXER julian rothenstein's boxed books by rick poynor 
30 PRODUCT PLACEMENT hollywood plays spot-the-endorsement, by paul mathur 
38 JEFFREY ARCHER implausible tales, by jim Shelley 
58 AL GREEN the last soul man, byjonh wilde 62 RUDE BOYS madison avenue's most controversial new ad agency, by hugh morley 
67 EAT ART how delicious is a Dali? 
74 WILLEM DAFOE a hollywood legend in the making, by hugh morley 
78 REAL MAN TO NEW MAN the history of men in tv advertising, by kathy myers 
COCTEAU TWINS? modern music, by paul morley 
92 OLDLAND MONTANO sand in the grooves, by john hind 
96 CALIFORNIA SCREAMING depeche mode in pasadena, by paul mathur 
102 MOMI museum of the moving image, by john hind 
46 gold rush, photographed by brad branson 
108 FILM new releases/ frantic 
112 MEDIA telecide/video/ art/ads 
118 PRINT fiction/shelf life 
100 MUSIC albums/ the go-betweens/ claude sabbah 
99 the BLITZ watch 
106 customer service 
117 the BLITZ T-shirt 
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