Circus Magazine October 1973 with giant Greg Allman poster Grateful Dead Mott Bowie Alice Cooper

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Circus Magazine October 1973 with giant Greg Allman poster Grateful Dead Mott Bowie Alice Cooper
CIRCUS Vol. 8, No. 1 October, 1973 7th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE!


CAN MOTT THE HOOPLE BREAK THEIR LOSING STREAK WITH 'MOTT?   4 After a vain search for an identity, they finally think they've licked the problems of the past. 
THE Grateful Dead FLEE BIG BUSINESS   24 `The History of the Dead' may well be a funeral dirge for some, but it heralds the birth of an empire for the Dead. 
`LOS COCHINOS'George Harrison HELPS OUT CHEECH AND CHONG  32 As Cheech coughed into a microphone in the recording studios, he was backed by a band that would have made most rockers swallow their teeth. 
SLY STONE MAKES A 'FRESH' START   44 Sly watchers swore the Family Stone was going down the drain until Sly changed his tune with his best LP ever. 
BOWIE KILLS CONCERT CAREER   47 The girls in a London audience gasped "No, David, no!" as Bowie announced he was quitting. 
A ROCK AND ROLLER'S GUIDE TO STEREO CARE  50 A properly treated LP can send you to the ninth circle of hell with Black Sabbath or to seventh heaven with Jethro Tull. 
NEAL SMITH TELLS TERRIFYING TALES ABOUT THE BAND  62 The tall blond drummer reveals stories you've never heard about the Alice Cooper tour that will make your hair stand on end. 
LED ZEP AFTER THE TOUR: BIGGER THAN The Beatles?   66 When their publicist first proclaimed the Zep had knocked The Beatles off the rock throne everyone laughedbut now the mockery has stopped. 
THE ALBUM REVIEW RECORD REVIEWS   20 The controversial Ms. Schacht raves about Mott, blesses the new Cat, and blasts Jethro Tull. 
ON THE HORIZON   28 Alan Price growls a new tune while a shrieking silver slot machine called The The Sweet strikes gold. 
THE RECORD LOVER'S GUIDE   52 This month's LP tidbits will whet your appetite or kill your urge. 
THE PICK OF THE MONTH   52 The album that's the hottest disc in the record store this month. 
THE CIRCUS TOP TWENTY  60 The race continues as CIRCUS readers decide Led Zep is still not bigger than Alice! 
BODY, MIND & STARS LETTERS   10 Praise from a reader who thinks every rock star has a place in the sun. 
NATIONAL SCENES   14 Tour dates for Elton's trek across America. 
COSMIC CHARISMA   34 Carol Pearce communes with the stars to forecast your fate for fall. 
HEALTH   35 If health foods turn you off, here are a few recipes to turn you back on. 
MOVIES   36 American Graffiti gets written on movie screens across the country. 
POETRY FROM THE READERS  37 A poem for Iggy, a lyric for Leon, and some words for David. 
OUR BACK PAGES   46 Ian Anderson utters his first words in years, Uriah Heep throws a nude bash, and tragedy strikes Slade.
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