Crawdaddy Magazine April 1977 Eagles David Bowie Fleetwood Mac Steve Miller Jane Pauley Kate Anna

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Crawdaddy Magazine April 1977 Eagles David Bowie Fleetwood Mac Steve Miller Jane Pauley Kate Anna
Crawdaddy Magazine April 1977

26 Runnier the Option 
Football is supposed to be "a man's game." No problem for veteran NFL running back Dave Kopay—he had all the biological prerequisites. Kopay had always been taught that the gridiron was a place where men could be men—provided they weren't homosexual. The candid, per-sonal account of an athlete who discovered more coming out of the closet than he'd known com-ing out of the huddle. David Kopay and Perry 

31 Blinded by the light
Lasers, those nifty beams of purest light which Led Zeppelin regard as mere special effects, can be as potent as any sci-fi ray gun. Flash Gordon had enough sense to duck. An audience can't. See for yourself. 

42 Today's Breakfast Trey 
Who's Jane Pauley? Millions of people are waking up to her. Seated between handsome Tom Brokaw and handlebarred Gene Shalit, is the Today shows turn-on the new Barbara Walters or really the Network Rapunzel? 

34 Getting old for the new boys in town
Power and powder. You can spend all your lines making money; you can spend all your money doing lines. What's it like to be set for life and welcome to L.A.? The Eagles get a genuine kick out of running the roadblocks. Now, they're taken to their limitations, one more time. 

Barbara Charone 
S1 Special! "The Responsive chord" 
Our 40-page guide to Music-ware. Including, stalking the wild guitar tree; the guitar vanguard; playing the Bod, and a conversation with the ultimate Soul Man. 

Kiki Dee seeks some confidence; Kate and Anna McGarrigle search for band-aids and Steve Miller stalks his turkey. 

Time of the Assassins William S. Burroughs The Naked Emperor The Crawdoodah Gazette 
 Paul Krassner W. Arkin Kanner 

David Bowie sWings Low; Fleetwood Mac give Gary Wright a break; Emmylou, Miles and TV; plus Buddy, Woody Guthrie and Reggae Justin Hines, Max Romeo, Joe Higgs. Also Ramones, Television/Marquee Moon and more.
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