Crawdaddy Magazine December 1975 Bob Dylan Woody Guthrie Marlon Brando James Brown

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Crawdaddy Magazine December 1975 Bob Dylan Woody Guthrie Marlon Brando James Brown
Crawdaddy Magazine May 1975

Features Brando the Magnificent 34

"I'm like a lot of old boxers," insists Marlon Brando. "The more you get hit, the easier it is to take a punch . . . Pretty soon you're moving intuitively." On the set of his new movie with Jack Nicholson, the finest actor of his generation talks about what he finds important, then clowns for the crew. And then ultimately, reflectively: "Go ahead," he says, "ask me what you want . . ."
Bruce Cook
Do It Till You're Done For 44

James Brown may well be "The Godfather of Soul" in more ways than one. The guys in the back of his bus tell a lot of stories on him. In Africa, on tour, our reporter gets the first inside look at the real James Brown.
Pat Kelly
Coming to Know Yourself At Betty Dodson's Masturbation Class 53

Workshops are only as good as the hands that service the equipment. Vibes and vibrators in the orgasm organization. (There'll be a quiz on Monday.)
Jaine DeLynn
Rollin & Tumblin' Bob Dylan PBS Soundstages a tribute to John and John Hammond Hammond, Sr.and Dylan shows. On a Night Don Rose Like This 26

Making Hits While the Sun Shines 28
Beyond the Piss Factor 30
TK and Criteria are Miami's super-solid rock studios. Between the two of them they've pr'oduced more gold than Ponce de Leon. Mitchell Glazer
Patti Smith is the leading New York City avante-garde poet/rockerbut will it take hold in Topeka? Susin Shapiro
Columns Time of the Assassins
William S. Burroughs
The Naked Emperor Paul Krassner
AudiOhm W. Arkin Kanner
Halfnotes 12 14 16 20
The Firesign Theatre's Campoon '76 23
Crawdoodah Gazette compiled by Greg Mitchell 57
Records Pink Floyd, Dead, Allmans, Pythons, Muldaur, Tallent's Greatest Hits 63
Films Woody Guthrie's Hard Travelin' Bound For Glory
Fred Gardner 78
Books Philip K. Dick's Irony in the Sky
Thomas M. Disch 81

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