Creem Magazine December 1972 Deep Purple Rod Stewart Leon Russell T Rex David Bowie Otis Redding

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Creem Magazine December 1972 Deep Purple Rod Stewart Leon Russell T Rex David Bowie Otis Redding

Creem December, 1972 Volume 4, Number 7 

THE CHRISTGAU CONSUMER GUIDE vignettes by Robert Christgau 
DEEP PURPLE AIN'T SCHIZOID Maybe a little loony ... psycho analyzed by Lester Bangs   LETTER FROM BRITAIN Everybody's in Show-Biz; Everybody's A Star. Trogg-lodization by Simon Frith   BEER AND FROTHING IN AMERICA: A Gentle Quest for the American Crotch. hysterical hallucinations by Jake Tarwater TIGHTEN UP Bette Midler's the Biggest STAR of Them All, tacky as it seems. astronomical gazing by Vince Aletti   LEON RUSSELL IN TULSA: Suddenly Last Summer; the Meanest Freek Mows Down the Greasiest Geeks. beast soothing by J.R. Young   36 LEMONADE SPRINGS meat by Sandye Carroll   42 MOVIES  46 LADY SINGS THE BLUES by Dave Marsh; SHORTS & FLASHES. BOOKS  48 TEST PATTERN FOR LIVING by Nicholas Johnson (reviewed by Richard Robinson); WHAT REALLY HAPPENED by Clifford Irving (reviewed by Dave Marsh); THE GOURMET COKEBOOK (reviewed by Ben Edmonds). RECORDS  54 NUGGETS by Ben Edmonds; BRINSLEY SCHWARZ by Dave Marsh; YES by Lester Bangs; PERSUASIONS by Gary Kenton; OTIS REDDING by the Masked Marvel; Greg Shaw's JUKE BOX JURY; ROCK-A-RAMA & MUCH MORE! CREEM A/V or Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Audio-Video Equipment* *But Were Afraid To Ask. Including: Rewire Yourself (complete Instructions); Sound Systems (turntables, changers, pre-amps, amps, speakers); Tape Recorders (decks, tape); Cassettes; Video Equipment AND A WHOLE LOT MORE! edited by Richard Robinson   65 THE BEAT GOES ON  89 Rod Stewart: Gold Lame & a Heart To Match; The Munchie Bunchie Coloring Book; T.Rex Hits The Tube; Ziggy At The Top; You Art What You Eat; And What ABOUT Joe Cocker? Billy, Meet Diana, She's A Fan; Jack Flash Trips Over Candlestick Kid. 
as told to Chet Flippo

Cover photograph by Charles Auringer

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