Creem Magazine July 1985 Prince Iron Maiden U2 Motley Crue Tears For Fears David Lee Roth Clapton

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Creem Magazine July 1985 Prince Iron Maiden U2 Motley Crue Tears For Fears David Lee Roth Clapton

FEBRUARY 1981 vol 12 No. 9

KISS WITHOUT THEIR MAKEUP ON! Put On These Paper Bags, Guys 16 RUBBER CITY REBELS MOTOR THROUGH MIDWEST Prophylactic Climacteric 18 b. f. goodrich extrapolations by Richard Riegel  SECONDS OF PLEASURE, YEARS OF DRINKING Rockpile Wakes Up Early 20 transcontinental hangover report by Dave DiMartino  "I KNEW KIM FOWLEY AND LIVED" Confessions Of A Highflying Jett 26 crawled-into-my-hand-honest testimonial by Billy Altman  CRUEL FOR RATS The Stranglers' Sociopathic Sound Service 28 ambivalently approached by Toby Goldstein  VAN HALEN POSTER & CALENDAR 30 TOO YOUNG TO RUST, TOO OLD TO DIE Neil Young Hawks His Doves 32 buffalo scrapings by Robert A. Hull  NINE OR TEN UNBELIEVABLY INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT DIRE STRAITS Plus The Usual Garbage 36 pregnant wife and two kids by J. Kordosh  

DEPARTMENTS  CREEM'S PROFILE: RAY DAVIES 2 MAIL 4 THE CHRISTGAU CONSUMER GUIDE 9 ROCK 'N' ROLL NEWS 11 THE BEAT GOES ON 13 Guitarist Leaves Romantics! Or Maybe Not!; SVT At The Mabuhay Gardens; World's Most Beautiful Woman Controversy Continues & More! CREEM DREEM: WENDY 0. WILLIAMS 15 LETTER FROM BRITAIN by Penny Valentine 27 REWIRE YOURSELF by Richard Robinson 35 CREEMEDIA  40 John Waters interviewed by Mark J. Norton and Jerry Vile; The Idolmaker reviewed by Toby Goldstein; Drive-In Saturday by Edouard Dauphin & More! ELEGANZA by Rick Johnson 43 RECORDS 44 JIM CARROLL by Richard Riegel; MOON MARTIN by Rick Johnson; ROCKPILE by Jeff Nesin; CHEAP TRICK by Billy Altman & More! BACKSTAGE  58 STAR'S SCARS: THE KNACK 59 

Cover photo by Paul Natkin/Photo Reserve 

Good condition although magazine is slightly curved. Check the uploaded scans for more details. If condition is vital please request more pics before you purchase. 
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