Creem Magazine November 1972 Allman Brothers John Coltrane Howlin' Wolf Miles Davis Muddy Waters

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Creem Magazine November 1972 Allman Brothers John Coltrane Howlin' Wolf Miles Davis Muddy Waters

Creem November, 1972 Volume 4, Number 6 

MAIL     6 THE CHRISTGAU CONSUMER GUIDE Twenty Questions by Robert Christgau   15 ROCK'N'ROLL NEWS   19 THE BEAT GOES ON   22 Boxtop Boogie; Nowlin' Wolf Don't Need No Doctor; Butch Patrick, the Sun Down Kid; Dealers Over Barrel In Seattle. BEACH BOYS' CONTEST RESULTS   28 LENNON AS LENIN: The Christian Anti-Communist Crusade In which our author is shown a Communist cemetery, and recognizes a Russian plot. rock theology by David Batterson   32 LETTER FROM BRITAIN Losers, parasites, uncertainty. canterbury tales by Simon Frith   36 THE ALLMAN BROTHERS: Snapshots of the South Including Phil Walden, Otis Redding, Capricorn and rainy knights in Georgia. peach pitting by Ben Edmonds     38 DUST MY PUMICE Old Crow is better than you think. big dealing by R. Meltzer   44 VISIBLE CHEESE IS MADE ART: The Religious Frenzy of the Firesign Theatre — Side Two Further frantic fracturings of the conventional mythology. dwarfology edited by Jonh Ingham   46 JOHN COLTRANE LIVES A fictional oddysey in search of the longest note. yodelling by Lester Bangs   52 MOVIES   56 KANSAS CITY BOMBER by Lester Bangs; DR. JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE by R. Meltzer. BOOKS   58 BURTON'S BOOK OF THE BLUES by Burton Wilson (reviewed by John Lomax); TROPICAL DETECTIVE STORY by Raymond Mungo (reviewed by Chet Flippo). RECORDS   60 THE BAND by Ddie Marsh; KINKS by Gary Kenton; T.REX by Ben Edmonds; GRAND FUNK by Terry Knapp; THE DOORS by Buck Sanders; JEFFERSON AIRPLANE by Scott Fischer; THE GUESS WHO by One Who Knows; LEON RUSSELL by Alan Niester, AND MORE! JUKE BOX JURY rack jobbing by Greg Shaw   70 ROCK-A-RAMA   71 BLUES AND JAZZ SUPPLEMENT     77 Featuring MILES DAVIS, PHAROAH SANDERS, MUDDY WATERS, HOWLIN' WOLF, AND MORE! 
Cover photograph by Wendi Lombardi 

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