Creem Magazine October 1974 Bob Dylan John Cale Who Keith Richard Eric Clapton Rod Stewart Kiss

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Creem Magazine October 1974 Bob Dylan John Cale Who Keith Richard Eric Clapton Rod Stewart Kiss
Creem Magazine October, 1974 Volume 6, Number 5
MAIL 6 THE CHRISTGAU CONSUMER GUIDE capsule carnage by Robert Christgau 12 ROCK 'N' ROLL NEWS 15 THE BEAT. GOES ON 18 Dolls Ain't What They Seem (Sez Manager); Polack Rock; Hendrix Tapes On the March; Comics Convention: Mary Travers in the Isolation Booth; Unca Sammy Snafus Dope Test Centers; & Alice Exits Stage Left. C'MON SUGAR, LET'S GO ALL-NITE JUKIN' WITH WET WILLIE! Here's a hunk o' funk that ain't no junk. greasy spoonfuls by Lester Bangs 26 FROM WHITE LIGHT TO GREY EMINENCE: The Strange Journey of John Cale He's been from the Velvet Underground to the lesbian lobotomy jail and back, and he still likes to bugaloo. oil slicks by Mick Gold 28 LETTER FROM BRITAIN Thank God It's Not Summer (Anymore). island roving by Ian MacDonald 31 YET ANOTHER SIDE OF Bob Dylan In which one more hero of the Sixties gets drunk and goes home. aerial bender by Joe Crater 32 DON'T TOUCH THAT DIAL Walk Tall, Or Don't Walk at All: Bruce Springsteen's the New Champeen clear reception by Dave Marsh 35 FACES I: ROD PROMISES SOME SURPRISES ... FACES II: ... AND WOODY'S GOT KEITH RICHARD And most likely they're all going in the right direction. late flashes by Ben Edmonds and Nick Kent 36 ELEGANZA 0: What's the diff between groupies & hookers? A: Regular medical checkups. modest proposals by Lisa Robinson 44 OBVIOUSLY FOUR BELIEVERS: Ten Years On With The Who And they've weathered all in good stride. milestones by Dave Marsh 46 WANTED? DEAD? OR ALIVE? Eric Clapton Carries On. And On. And On. pacing by Patrick Carr 50 MOVIES 54 THE NINE LIVES OF FRITZ THE CAT by Wayne Robins; THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT by Henry Edwards; THREE HARD GUYS by Mike Baron; & More.
CONFESSIONS OF A FILM FOX 57 BOOKS 58 LADIES & GENTLEMEN, LENNY BRUCE!! by Goldman & Schiller (reviewed by Tony Glover; NOTES OF A DIRTY OLD MAN and ERECTIONS, EJACULATIONS, ETC. by Charles Bukowski (reviewed by Lester Bangs); & More. RECORDS 60 NEIL YOUNG by Robert Christgau; ENO by Lester Bangs; JAMES TAYLOR and Bad Company by Ben Gerson; Bob Dylan & THE BAND by Donald Jennings; JOHN DENVER and FOCUS by Robot Hull; & More! CREEM 2ND ANNUAL GUITAR BREAK 75 JACK IT UP & JAM IT TIGHT: A Future Perfect Guide to Musical Artillery by Michael Brooks UH-OH, LOOKS LIKE I'LL NEED A NEW PICK Has Johnny Winter finally found a guitar that's too big to handle? wide angle visions by Wendi Lombardi 86 Cover Photo by Joseph Stevens

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