Frendz/Friends Magazine/Newspaper No 3 February 20 1970 Led Zeppelin Terry Riley Derek Taylor

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Frendz/Friends Magazine/Newspaper No 3 February 20 1970 Led Zeppelin Terry Riley Derek Taylor

Friends Magazine/Newspaper Feb 20 1970 

Cover feature is is a 3 page interview with Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant, full page advert for Family's third LP, Full page Vertigo advert for Black Sabbath, Rod Stewart and Cressida, The Thin Man at Apple records 2 Page interview with Derek Taylor, interview with Michael Browdy, 2-page interview with Keith Relf and Renaissance, relax and fully concentrate: the time of Terry Riley 2 page article, Apple records half page advert for Doris Troy, subscribe to Oz half page advert, full page article on Moondog by Dick Lawson,Record reviews include Laura Nyro, Lord Buckley, the Allman Brothers, Ronnie Hawkins, Clark-Hutchinson, New York rock and roll ensemble, Roxy, Johnny Winter, Tim Buckley, Quicksilver, the GTO's, Miles Davis, Grateful Dead, Family.

UK Underground press counter culture. Very Good condition with the expected fold across centre. Front cover has been repaired with sticky tape on the inside about 2 inches. Not perfect. If condition is crucial ask for more info.

Friends/Frendz Magazine was launched in London in winter 1969 as a direct result of the closure of the short-lived UK edition of Rolling Stone Magazine. It was first published by Alan Marcuson in December 1969 as Friends of Rolling Stone. Later it was re-titled Friends and, from May 1971 became Frendz. Friends was closely connected with the UK underground media such as London Oz magazine and Time Out, and had many contributors who were part of the London counterculture and avant-garde scene in the 1960s. These included Barney Bubbles, Pennie Smith and Charles Radcliffe. The magazine ceased publication in August 1972

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