Guitar Magazine Vol 4 No 4 November 1975 Stefan Grossman Ray Mitchell Les Paul

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Guitar Magazine Vol 4 No 4 November 1975 Stefan Grossman Ray Mitchell Les Paul
Guitar Magazine Vol 4 No 4 Nov 1975 Guitar talk 2 Diary 2 Gossip 3 New York letter 5 Les Paul Living Legend 6 Ray Mitchell Flamenco 13 Guitar report 15 Ken Achard Mainly Electric 16 Stefan Grossman Finger-picking guitar 17 Guitar advice 19 Ralph Denyer Les Paul guitar talking 20 Notes from Sor's tutor 23 Peter Sensier When a Vihuela is not a Vihuela 25 Don Roberts Django guitar style 26 Tricky time 26 Lance Bosman Guitar Harmony The bossa nova 27 Adrian Legg Nurturing Nashville Nuances 28 Review 31 Opinion 36 Teachers panel 39 Small ads 40 

Guitar Magazine... The magazine for all guitarists was launched in August 1972 and ceased in 1984. It featured interviews and articles on rock, jazz, blues, folk, flamenco and classical musicians, guitar workshops, music technique, music history, chord progressions, guitar makers, book and record reviews, concert reviews, music lessons and tips.

Guitar Magazine was published monthly by Musical News Services, 25 Warner Road, London N8, England. George Clinton: Editor - Colin Cooper: Features Editor - Lance Bosman and Jeffery Pike: Music - Lester Smith and Ron Roka: Electronics & Amplification consultants - Ian White: Photography - Katerina Antoniou: Design.
Printed by SW (Litho) Printers Ltd 6 Cottons Gardens, London E2 8DN. Distributed by Surridge Dawson & Co (Productions) Ltd,136-142 New Kent Road. London SE1. © 1972 Musical New Services in Dorset England

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