Hitweek Magazine

Hitweek magazine was a Dutch music and arts magazine from the 1960's that eventually evolved into Aloha. You could say Hitweek was the Dutch equivalent of the UK International Times. It was only available in Amsterdam between 1965 - 1966 but later distributed in other cities. HITWEEK was "THE" magazine for hippies & alternative types and promoted the underground scene with articles and pictures of popular, semi pro and obscure US, UK and Dutch R&B, Beat & psychedelic groups such as Cuby & The Blizzards, The Outsiders, The Creation, Pink Floyd, Q65, Lazy Bones, The Mothers of Invention, Golden Earrings, Velvet Underground etc. Hitweek printed some great psychedelic artwork during 1967-1969. By 1969 Hitweek magazine had been renamed Aloha. Vintage back issues of Hitweek magazine are available here and discounts are available for multiple item purchases.
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