Ink Magazine The Other Newspaper No. 11, 10 July 1971 Daniel Eisberg Jean-Paul Satre on Trial

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Ink Magazine The Other Newspaper No. 11, 10 July 1971 Daniel Eisberg Jean-Paul Satre on Trial
INK Underground Newspaper No 11, 10 July 1971 The guilty red school book. Richard Handyside fights back at the Domino Theory of Sexuality as applied by Britain's magistrates courts, Page 3

Daniel ellsberg: Hero or criminal. A profile of the man who saw the light and blew the lid off the Pentagon five years too late Page 7 

'Sometimes you don't take pictures of people being tortured simply because you are asked not to. If you did you could quite easily be shot, and no questions would be asked.' 
'Census form for an absent war photographer' INK interviews Tim Page. Page 9. 

Orford Ness, Suffolk, USA
What the government hasn't revealed about the secret United States Air Force early warning system now being built on British soil Page 5.

The indictment of Sartre, the trial of Idiot International and the Jaubert case are only the latest in a series of attacks against 
freedom of the press and expression in France. Schofield Coryell reports Page 14 

This eye belongs to Brian Stratton. He nearly lost it in Parkhurst Prison. What the eye saw ...Page 12. 

The Patron Saint of Television Jo Durden Smith exhumes Granny from Wigan Page 18 

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It was Richard Neville's view that the existing underground press of the time were no longer catering the need for an alternative attitude. INK launched as a weekly publication in May 71 and changed to a fortnightly in August. Ink was driven by Richard Neville, Andrew Fisher, Ed Victor and Felix Dennis but due to it's close association with Oz magazine and the Oz trials it folded in February 72 - All issues were originally folded, but this has been kept flat for many years. 
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