Ink Magazine The Other Newspaper No. 9, 26 June 1971 Oz trial Prison Beatings Public Morals

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Ink Magazine The Other Newspaper No. 9, 26 June 1971 Oz trial Prison Beatings Public Morals

INK Underground Newspaper No 9, 26 June 1971
`The Institute of Race Relations exists as a minor obstruction in the immigrant communities' struggle for freedom, justice and a better life.' Robin Jenkins, who has just resigned from the IRR, explains why he stopped working for `Whitehall's Watchdogs' and presents extracts from his controversial pamphlet. Page 8. 

A prison officer shouted 'Break his legs.' My legs were placed across the wooden boards and beaten repeatedly with riot sticks until I lost consciousness. When I recovered, I was beaten unconscious again. This went on over a period of hours. Some time later a doctor came into the room and stitched my wounds. My face and body were a mass of bruises I was unable to use my hands for seven days.

This is part of a letter written by a prisoner in one of Britain's jails. The letter is one of two dozen which have come into INK's possession. All but one of them are hand-written, most of them on prison paper. They have been smuggled out of prisons throughout the country by the National Organization for the Defence of Prisoners and Dependants. INK has checked into them as far as is possible, and we have no doubt that they are authentic. Individually, the letters are horrifying documents of personal sufferings and degradation. Collectively, they form a pattern of brutality and systematic persecution that erases the last vestiges of the myth of British justice and fair play. A full page of extracts from the letters is on page 6. 

The author of Cain's Book argues for saner treatment of 'the drugs problem'. Page 15. 

`Reith established and enshrined the arrogance of the BBC, its cultural elitism, its paternalism towards its staff and its unholy alliance with the centres of political power.' Page 5. 

Taping TV programmes is a long way away; making your own is even further. Page 21. 

`Virtually single-handed, Bejart invented contemporary mixed-media theatre in Europe.' Page 17. 

This week's OZ trial and next week's 'Little Red School Book' inquisition are not isolated legal actions but the first shots in this year's open season on alternative life styles. INK examines the politics of pornography and some of its politicians. Page 11. 

It was Richard Neville's view that the existing underground press of the time were no longer catering the need for an alternative attitude. INK launched as a weekly publication in May 71 and changed to a fortnightly in August. Ink was driven by Richard Neville, Andrew Fisher, Ed Victor and Felix Dennis but due to it's close association with Oz magazine and the Oz trials it folded in February 72 - All issues were originally folded, but this has been kept flat for many years. 

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