International Musician & Recording World Magazine August 1975 Alvin Lee Peter Frampton Bob Henrit

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International Musician & Recording World Magazine August 1975 Alvin Lee Peter Frampton Bob Henrit

International Musician Aug 1975


4 Letters 6 ALVIN LEE 
40 Peter Frampton On Fenderising his Gibson and varying his technique 
10 Albums 
Our choosy look at the albums coming out that may interest musicians 
13 Tuning Fork 
End arguments about concert pitch. Build our electronic tuning fork. 
M again breaks new ground-. this time with a discussion about amplification between a guitarist, a soundman and an amp manufacturer. 
22 In Brief 
Our section for odd items. It includes construction details for Stephen Delft's "Blob" and a guitar lead tester. 
27 Soundcheck 
The artist who was a "face" is still struggling to gain true recognition for his musical talents. 
43 Effects Pedals 
just how these little boxes became part of our everyday life. X41  Guitar Routing Box 
If you undertook last month's project and converted your guitar to stereo, build a routing box to provide ultimate panning flexibility/ 
48 Music News 56Carlsbro Story 
From T. V. repair to corporate boss - Carisbro's struggle to the top 
63 APRS Review 
Photo Review of highlights at APRS exhibition 
67 Dealer News 

Who's bought what from where. 
73 Round house Studios 
How many watts can you get out of a Fender Dual Showman? Here's the truthful answer, and the lowdown on another two amps. 
30Guitar Check 
Testing some exotic items like an old Gibson Switch-master alongside new models. 
34 Bob Henrit Ace Argent drummer-hopefully to be contributing to I M in the future - talks about his approach to drumming. 
36 Studio Choice 
Quite why a particular studio becomes popular at one time is a mystery. We seek to solve it by asking top musicians about their choice of studios. 
37 Buzz 
In seeking bands with a buzz going for them the I M team travelled to Nottingham to meet Terrapin and Carlo Santanna (no relation). 
Report on London's newest and most futuristic recording studio 
77 Studio Diary 81 Dealer of the Month: S.A.I. 85 Golden Earring 

During the 1970s, the International Musician Magazine featured extensive interviews with many well known rock, prog, pop and jazz recording artists, such as The Who, ELP, George Benson, Jaco Pastorius, Frank Zappa, Iron Maiden and a host of others. Interviews usually focused on the recording techniques, recording equipment and instrumentation favoured by the artists interviewed.

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