International Musician & Recording World Magazine August 1976 Jerry Garcia Buddy Rich Thin Lizzy

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International Musician & Recording World Magazine August 1976 Jerry Garcia Buddy Rich Thin Lizzy
International Musician Aug 1976

9 Letters Eamonn Percival answers readers' queries 12 Jerry Garcia Is their life after Dead? Gary Graifman takes a message from Garcia. 20 Guitar Check Stephen Delft looks at guitars from Travis Bean and Dobro 24 In Brief Short reviews of musical bits and pieces 28 Sound Check Mark Sawicki probes the workings of amps from Marshall and Road. 35 Stephen Delft looks at Pick-ups Spotlight on Di Marzio. 36 Drum Check Honourable Bob Henrit reviews a Pearl kit. 40 Keyboard Check Rod Argent tries out a Micro-Moog 45 53 Keep Music Live Unlicensed discos are a constant threat to the livelihood of British Musicians. Ray Hammond and Carroll Moore examine the problem and the possible solutions. Eric Bell After fresh success with Noel Redding, Thin Lizzy's ex-guitarist talks. 57 Buddy Rich The dean of drummers, interviewed by Ray Hammond. 63 Home Recording A look at limiters and their use. 65 Studio Diary Who's recording and where. 71 Kingsway Recorders The studio Deep Purple made their own unfolds its story to Eamonn Percival. 15 17  84 88 32 Curtom Studio The American Midwest's answer to funk, as supplied by Curtis Mayfield. Albums And just exactly who is the "Ace that launched a thousand licks?" Montreux 76 The Montreux sound, notorious in the past, has found a cure —courtesy of Dr. Bose. Synthesizers Unravelled: Part 2 Graham Hinton sheds further light on the darkest of keyboards. How To Build A Tremelo Unit Mark Sawicki saves you plenty. of bucks with a practical and easy project. 96 How To Build A Distribution Board Ken Dibble saves your life with a practical and easy project. 101 Soundwave P.A. A look at London's tastiest sound buffet. 108 Buzz: Bucks and Beds Music dealers abound in the Home Counties, and Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire are no exception. 116 Music News 119 Dealer News 139 Strings and Things Chicago's Top Shop for musicians 145 AM I I Preview Britain's Association of Musical Instrument  Ind ustires in all its August glory 157 Market Survey: Carlsbro Nottingham's musical success story is borne out by the facts. 169 London's Summer Music Exhibitions There's lots of musical items on show in London during August. We publicise some of them. 171 APRS Review A photo review of London's recent recording equipment exhibition. 180 NAMM Review America's largest musical instruments and equipment exhibition was a mixture of the new and the familiar. Ray Hammond was there to record the busiest week. 187 Price Scanner An easy to use guide to British prices. 194 Dealer Guide A quick guide to who sells what in Britain 195 Studio Guide Stuck for a studio? This is the page that'll unstick you. 196 Hire Guide Where to hire what. 202 Reader Service 

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