International Musician & Recording World Magazine August 1978 Les Paul Tom Petty Nick Lowe Rob Stone

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International Musician & Recording World Magazine August 1978 Les Paul Tom Petty Nick Lowe Rob Stone

International Musician August 1978  featuring Les Paul, Tom Petty, Nick Lowe, Rob Stoner etc.

Regular Features 
6 Letters Reader Mark Dellow monopolises the Letters page this month with a scathing diatribe on the rubbish bands who make life hard for the rest of us geniuses. PLAYING 60 Paul Brett Paul Brett gets together with 1 2-stri ng blues Maestro Johnny Joyce to bring you special exercises to nibble your fingers. 
63 Mick Abrahams Magic Mick gives you more sights and sounds of open chord tuning with a blast on the bottleneck to boot. 
64 Jim Rodford The history and growth of bass amplification gets the treatment from Jim. 118 Albums Jerry Reed, Hall and Oates, Average White Band and Todd Rundgren are among the artists whose vinyl gets appraised this month. 127 Dealer of the Month Amrik Luther's London Synthesiser Centre is fast becoming THE place to buy a synth. We stroll down to Chalton Street and find out what makes the business boom. 132 Build A Solid Guitar Part 20, and by now your guitar should be nearly playable. Just a few more chapters to go... 
171 Studio of the Month Leafy St. Johns Wood is where you'll find one of London's up-and-coming new studios, the Regents Park Recording Company. 
206 Small Things A special tuning device is the subject of Stephen's Small Thing. 
216 Trade News A page and a half of goings on in the trade. 
222 Market Report Roland synthesizers have their reputations reviewed in our August market report. 
Test Section 
36 SAWICKI'S SOUNDCHECK I This month we run our hand over a Studio Master mixer and find out what makes this product from the Dunstable firm tick. 38 SAWICKI'S SOUNDCHECK II Peavey Session 400 Steel guitarists and Jazz players are well-catered for in this elegant combo from Peavey. Mark Sawicki investigates and finds Black Widows among other things. 42 DELFT'S GUITARCHECK I "Flint Hills" isn't the name of an American holiday resort. It's a hand-crafted flat-top from Mossman. Stephen Delft finds out if the quality matches the price of this Instrument. 
44 DELFT'S GUITARCHECK II Stentor Music have been bringing the Maya in for some time now and in his second review this month Stephen runs his fingers over another guitar. 48 MATTACKS' DRUMCHECK A new kit from Pearl receives a quality bashing from top sticksman Dave Mattocks. 49 LUMLEY'S KEYBOARDCHECK An Elko Solist is not one of Robin Lumley's favourite keyboards; in fact he finds it is one of the least attractive instruments he has played. 53 SIMMONS' SYNTHCHECK I Multivox is a new name on the synth scene and Dave Simmons gets hold of one of the first of these new instruments to arrive in the country. 
54 IN BRIEF New Marshall combos, flight case Funkshun combo and Carlsbro pedals all get a going over by the lads in the In Brief room this month. 141 SIMMONS' SYNTHCHECK II In the second of his synthchecks, Dave Simmons gets hold of Crumar's new baby the DS2 and finds value-for-money is one of the instrument's big pluses. 
198 DIBBLE'S SPEAKERCHECK Six pages of hot info. on horns and lenses by Ken Dibble. 
Special Features 

24 Les Paul — 25 years on Ray Hammond catches up with the master on the 25th anniversary of Les Paul's association with Gibson for another IM scoop. 27 Keep Music Live — Getting Paid Mike Evans, the rock organiser for the Musicians' Union, talks about the problems of squeezing the pounds and pence from unscrupulous promoters and offers valuable advice on the best way to do it. 
28 Keep Music Live — Going Abroad Ever since The Beatles slaved away at the Star Club in Hamburg, British groups have been trekking to the Continent in search of work. The pitfalls are many and varied, so our special correspondent Alan Holmes has been talking to agents and formulating his own code of survival — do not venture across the Channel without reading it! 
68 Lowe Profile Nick "Basher" Lowe is somewhat of a cult figure on both sides of the Atlantic. Ira Kaplan gets the Lowe down on his production technique and digs up some interesting facts for Brinsley Schwarz freaks. 
76 Heavy Eddie Steve Rosen talks to one of the rising guitar heroes, Eddie Van Halen — just 21 and already rocking them in the aisles. 
79 Bootsy's Spaced Out Bass When Bootsy Collins and his Rubber Band hit London, it took the capital a while to recover from the shock. Former James Brown bassist, Bootsy looks and plays like nothing you have ever heard — find out what he has to say. 84 Bass City Roller Rob Stoner was responsible for putting Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue together, and has been playing some fine bass recently with Link Wray and Robert Gordon. Ian White talks to Rob about life with the Big D and the role of the bass player in rock. 
94 Understanding Synthesizers Part Three in this enthralling series which concludes some of the basic concepts. 100 On The Level From the ashes of the legendary Allman Brothers Band, keyboard player Chuck Leavell formed his owned band Sea Level. Steve Rosen plumbs the depths to sound out the leader. 
104 The Thorogooi News George Thorogood is a sensational guitar player who astounded British audiences on his recent brief visit. Ian White interviewed the man who has put the rhythm back in rhythm and blues. 
110 Tom Petty Some people say Tom Petty is just a Roger McGuinn sound-a-like, others think he makes really good music. Make up your mind after reading Dave Lawrenson's interview. 
148 NAMM Review Companies from all over the world put on their best face for the Chicago NAMM exhibition. IM was there to bring you on the spot words and pictures (courtesy of IM snapper Mike Valente). 
161 Kings of Kingston John King has reigned supreme over the Kingston music scene in Surrey for 10 Years. To commemorate this anniversary he has opened up a new drum store. Our intrepid IM reporter was there to check out the goods. 166 The Producers — David Kershenbaum Number three in this collection is American David Kershenbaum, producer of such artists as Elkie Brooks and the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. While in Britain scouting for new talent, he revealed some of his studio secrets to Ian White. 174 Meet Your Engineer More insights into kings of the consoles. 

International Musician was a UK magazine in production from 1974 to 1991. During the 1970s, the International Musician Magazine contained extensive interviews with many well-known rock, pop, jazz, metal and indie recording artists. Interviews focused on the recording techniques, recording equipment and instrumentation favoured by the artists interviewed...

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