International Musician & Recording World Magazine December 1975 Ginger Baker

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International Musician & Recording World Magazine December 1975 Ginger Baker

International Musician December 1975 featuring Ginger Baker etc.

10 Letters

Thoughts from the cream of Britain's drummers. 
18 Soundcheck 
Bruce Gibbs, B.Sc., looks at the inner meaning of a Matamp and a PA:CE mixer. 
22 Guitar Check 
John Levoi 72-string review and (wait for it) a Fender Stratocaster. 
26 Albums 
A look at what's new, from us to you. 
28 Drum Check 
Bob Henrit of Argent has a go on the new Arbiter Auto-Tune kit. 
30 Keyboard Check 34 0n Tour with the Who's road crew. 
42 The Guitar Makers 
Apart from Patti, what have Clapton and Harrison got in common? Guitars, custom built by Tony Zemaltis. 
47 Dealer of the Month 
Sound Centre, Newport (Monmouthshire), where Welshing on a deal has a different meaning. 
52 National Gig Finder 
Hey kid, yah wanna work? Here's where. 
56 Buzz 
Bristol, capital of the West, is alive and well. 
62 Studio Diary 64 PA Systems 
Part two of Ken Dibble's explanation of P.A. complexities.

71 Pye Studios 83 Music News 91 Dealer News 92 Microphone Survey 
98 Price Scanner 106 Classified 108 Studio Guide 109 Hire Guide 109 Dealer Guide 110 Reader Service 

During the 1970s, the International Musician Magazine featured extensive interviews with many well known rock, prog, pop and jazz recording artists, such as The Who, ELP, George Benson, Jaco Pastorius, Frank Zappa, Iron Maiden and a host of others. Interviews usually focused on the recording techniques, recording equipment and instrumentation favoured by the artists interviewed.

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