International Musician & Recording World Magazine December 1978 + The world of DiMarzio catalogue

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International Musician & Recording World Magazine December 1978 + The world of DiMarzio catalogue

International Musician December 1978 with "The world of DiMarzio" catalogue and "monitor" supplement.

Featuring Al DiMeola, Jean Jacques Burnel, Aynsley Dunbar etc.

21 AI DiMeola — Dedicated to his craft When master guitar technician Al DiMeola flew into London for a couple of gigs, David Lawrenson was there to tackle the man about his technique — and his first gig with Return To Forever at the age of 19. 
30 Jean Jacques puts the boot in Jean Jacques Burnel is one of the most controversial characters of the New Wave. Sean Hogben talked to the Stranglers' bassman well out of throttling distance and lived to tell the tale. 

36 Wilton Felder — crusading How many of you out there have been with the same band for 27 years? Wilton Felder of the Crusaders has, and the legendary horn man tells our resident sax maniac Alan Holmes how he does it. 
86 Rabbit's Tale No, not an advert for Watership Down but a burrowing deep into the mind of John "Rabbit" Bundrick, a prolific session man who now plays keyboards with Crawler. 
94 The classical jazz of Charlie Byrd Jeff Pike talks to the man who made nylon striings swing. 
103 Aynsley Dunbar US correspondent Steve Rosen catches up with a long-haired drummer from Liverpool and traces a musical journey through John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Fran Zappa and David Bowie to a current band with ex-Santana members. 
109 Guitar Forum Axemen vs Distributors. IM brings you the whole controversial contest. Both sides air their views, with Stephen Delft in the middle. Not for the squeamish 
141 Taking Care of Business: 10 — The Performing Right Society Do you know what your performing right is? Read Alan Holmes' initiation into the Society and you will. 
150 The Electric Wood Story A fairy tale with a happy ending by Phillip Paul. 
175 Studio Services Everything you wanted to know about studios, speakers and things but were afraid to ask the engineer. 
181 The Producers: Bruce Welch Everybody knows that Bruce is a member of the Shads, but did you also know that he was a producer of considerable fame? Eamonn Percival will enlighten you. 
6 Letters IM's regular agony column, where musicians give vent to their feelings. 
16 Buzz A busy little feature which keeps growing and growing. 
82 Playing — Simon Phillips That nimble young drummer makes a welcome appearance in the playing section with a few tips from the top. 
116 Albums: If you can't find anything you like in this month's four pages of album reviews, the just no hope for you. 
126 Steel Works Part Four of Dave Hayward's still appealing steel appeal. 
134 Guitar Workshop Stephen Delft discusses screening guitars against electrical interference. 
173 Meet Your Engineer We may be running out of puns for this feature but were certainly not runnin' out of engineers. 
178 Studio of t IM paces the Mersey Beat and Vac Liverpool's brand new 24-track studio Amazon. 
198 Understanding Synthesizers: Further mysteries unravelled by Tony Horsman. 
205 Small Thin More pearls of wisdom from Stephen Delft
225 Ad Index 
46 DELFT'S GUITARCHE As the new Peavey T60 electric guitar it unveiled, Stephen goes behind the gloss to bring the inevitable in-depth report 
48 DELFT'S GUITARCHECK if In Round Two, Stephen spars with a seven string Aria. 
53 HYMAS' KEYBOARDCHECK Meet and greet our new keyboard analyst Tony Hymas as he gives his expert op n a RQJ lc 
It may be good enough for the Stones, b it good enough for IM readers? Mark takes his screwdriver to a classy Ampeg combo. 
60 DIBBLE'S SPEAKERCHECK Amid growing concern over the cobalt crisis, Ken Dibble tests some 15" units from all over the world and gives his verdict. 
77 SIMMONS' SYNTHCHECK Dave Simmons makes a welcome return to the test section with a report on an British synthesizer, the Scorpion. 
78 ROBERTS' DRUMCHECK Henry heaves himself behind a new Ludwig six-ply kit. 

International Musician was a UK magazine in production from 1974 to 1991. During the 1970s, the International Musician Magazine contained extensive interviews with many well-known rock, pop, jazz, metal and indie recording artists. Interviews focused on the recording techniques, recording equipment and instrumentation favoured by the artists interviewed...

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