International Musician & Recording World Magazine December 1979 Paul McCartney Steve Howe Sham 69

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International Musician & Recording World Magazine December 1979 Paul McCartney Steve Howe Sham 69

International Musician December 1979 featuring Paul McCartney, Steve Howe, Jimmy Pursey, Freddie Hubbard, Ramsey Lewis etc.

Special Features 
16 Micky Moody The Whitesnake guitarist talks about Segovia and SGs. David Lawrenson operates the tape machine, 26 Boys of the Lough Paul Ashford talks to one of the best known folk outfits, 34 Paul McCartney An insight into the world's most successful songwriter, 102 Steve Howe The Yes man discusses his new album, his Montreux appearance and his huge collection of guitars. now rated at 133. 
110 Ramsey Lewis The perennial jazz pianist from the USA talks to David Lawrenson. 114 Vitavox Competition Win a pair of Thunderbolts —free! Up for grabs, one of the premier PA systems. 156 Freddie Hubbard Stephen Brennan talks to the American Jazz trumpeter to discover just why he's trodden the road to crossover music. 
168 Dibble's Gig Review First in a new series — Ken Dibble pops along to a gig with his sound level meter and examines exactly what, how and why a band uses the PA It does. This month —Sky and the Boomtown Rats. 
197 Carlsbro Story The development of the Carlsbro amplification company made easy. 
Test Section 
60 Guitarcheck Stephen Delft comes to grips with Fylde Orsino and Ariel acoustics. 
52 Keyboardcheck The Godwin SC 110P organ evaluated. 
56 Guitarcheck The lowdown on the Yamaha SC1200 electric, and the thumbs-up from Stephen. 65 Synthcheck Mr Lumley has a tinkle on the ARP Quadra. 
68 Drumcheck An Asba Fibrecel five drum kit is taken on a test drive by our resident expert. 
74 Soundcheck Mork Sawicki examines the Biamp 8802 mixer. 
78 Soundcheck Dr Sawicki delves inside the Amcron PSA-2. 
82 Steelcheck The Wiggins Pedal Steel is one of the best manufactured in the UK. And It's custom built, to boot. 
88 Speakercheck Ken Dibble checks out the range of professional 12" drivers available. 
96 In Brief Carlsbro echo pedal and the Burns Book given the swift once over by our resident experts. 
Regular Features 
9 Letters Controversy? Disagreement? Insults? — Views. 
12 Buzz Latest news of the forthcoming rock movie "Breaking Glass". Plus details of up and coming bands. 
138 Small Things 
160 Microphones Ken Dibble continues his examination of the business end of the sound system. This month he probes impedances and response. 
171 Hi-Fi for Musos James McGill takes a second look at the accessories market for your sound system. 
200 Trade News 203 Dealer of the Month Woods of Bolton. We spotlight their rise as a major wholesaler and a significant retailer in the North West of England. 
Recording World 
Studio Diary 
What's happening to who, and where by which people. 
121 Studio of the Month The Marquee Studio in the hot seat. 
124 The Producers: Jimmy Pursey David Lawrenson listens as Mr Pursey explains his involvement in the production business. 
130 Recording Synthesizers Tony Horsman continues his explanation of and guide to recording synthesizers at home. 
134 Spotlight on West End Studios There are more studios per square inch in the West End than anywhere else in Britain. Here's a run-down of what they can offer. 
140 Studio In Brief Tests on a TEAC Model 2 mixer and an Electra-Voice RE20 mike.  

International Musician was a UK magazine in production from 1974 to 1991. During the 1970s, the International Musician Magazine contained extensive interviews with many well-known rock, pop, jazz, metal and indie recording artists. Interviews focused on the recording techniques, recording equipment and instrumentation favoured by the artists interviewed...

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