International Musician & Recording World Magazine February 1979 Frank Zappa Zal Cleminson Gerry Cott

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International Musician & Recording World Magazine February 1979 Frank Zappa Zal Cleminson Gerry Cott

International Musician February 1979 featuring Frank Zappa, Zal Cleminson, Chris Spedding, Gerry Cott, Ed Shaughnessy etc.

30 Gerry Cott Adam Sweeting takes the wraps off the Boomtown Rats' guitarist. 
37 Chris Spedding: reluctant guitar hero Spedding has been spreading his talent over the British music scene for some time now. We sent Eamonn Percival along to explode a few myths about the man behind the shades. 
41 Nazman Zal Find out how Zal Cleminson made the transition from SAHB to Nazareth via a taxi cab 
46 Moody Patrick Moraz The former keyboard wizard with Yes talks about his travels to Brazil, which inspired a third solo album, and his current gig with the Moody Blues. 
51 The masterful Ed Shaughnessy One of America's top session drummers fills Bill Stephen in on the way he works. 
125 Frank Zappa: a mother in the studio We all know about Zappa the rock star and Zappa the musician — now find out about Zappa the producer. J.C. Costa mixes it with the Mother and finds out about his track record. 
143 Paul Uhrig: a bass in the country Sean Hogben talks to the bass behind Dolly Parton 
158 Microprocessors: IM predicts A special report on the latest advances in electronic technology which are likely to revolutionise the music industry. 
211 Frankfurt 79 A preview of the Frankfurt Fair in five languages. 
246 Buying a sax Read all the dos and don'ts of sax selection, courtesy of Alan Holmes. 
252 Taking care of business All about signing on the dotted line — no, not at the labour exchange, although that's where you could end up if you don't read this feature on contracts very closely. 
263 The Hohner story David Lawrenson travelled to Germany to visit the Hohner factory and meet the man who invented the Pianet and Clavinet. 
295 CBS/Arbiter: expanding in Enfield A report on the new CBS/Arbiter headquarters in Middlesex. 
296 Fixtures and fittings by Re-an. How a company grew big by being small 
6 Letters Country cousin stirred up a hornet's net with his attack on punks — now the punks hit back. 
20 Buzz Make a beeline for this bright and breezy feature. 
109 Understanding Synthesizers. 9 Tony Horsman continuing his synthesizer synopsis. 
114 Steel Works Dave Hayward rounds off his current series on the pedal steel. Whoops and hollers all round if you have been through the works. 
133 Studio Diary A new feature telling who's recording what and where — a must for know-alls and name-droppers. 
138 Albums Where else would you find Funkadelic, Sham 69 and Rod Argent rubbing shoulders? 
182 Guitar Workshop Stephen Delft conducts a surgery on adding hits and pieces to your guitar. 
199 Small Things How to make guitar nuts, saddles (and a tasy soup) from large leg bones of beef. 
207 Playing — Mitch Holder We welcome top American session guitarist Mitch Holder to our playing section and he kicks off with a piece on controlling sounds. 
269 Dealer of the Month Everybody knows that Rose-Morris are one of the biggest instrument distributors in the business, but did You know they also had a shop? We went along to Shaftesbury Avenue to suss it out. 
283 Market Report What the dealers think of Gibson solids. 
291 Trade News What's happening behind the scenes. 
305 Ad Index 
59 LUMLEY'S SYNTHCHECK Rocket Robin climbs aboard a Korg VC10 (Vocoder that is) and finds a machine which can make even him sound like Herbie Hancock. 
64 DELFT'S GUITARCHECK Stephen kicks off the first of three guitarchecks this month with a look at a Washburn acoustic. 
68 GUITARCHECK II Destined to become a collector's item, Stephen finds in the Gibson "Silver Anniversary" a beautiful instrument with a sound reminiscent of the early Les Pauls. 
73 GUITARCHECK III A test on a Korean-made Kawai electric guitar. 
76 MATTACKS' DRUMCHECK Might well be titled son of Synthcheck, as Dave gets to grips with three drum synthesizers and delivers a definitive report. 
93 SAWICKI'S SOUNDCHECK Mark draws the best out of a Leech El 20 graphic amp. 
99 KEYBOARDCHECK Amid all the new developments in keyboards, it makes a refreshing change to report on an organ which actually sounds like an organ. It has to be a Hammond — their 8200 to be precise. 
103 IN BRIEF A de-briefing of the Roland Boss tuner and a Ludwig Rock/Concert snare drum by the chaps at HQ. 
154 SOUNDCHECK II A Canary 12/2 mixing desk gets its feathers ruffled by Mark and his screwdriver. 
189 DIBBLE'S SPEAKERCHECK Special compression drive units come under the oscilloscope this month. 

International Musician was a UK magazine in production from 1974 to 1991. During the 1970s, the International Musician Magazine contained extensive interviews with many well-known rock, pop, jazz, metal and indie recording artists. Interviews focused on the recording techniques, recording equipment and instrumentation favoured by the artists interviewed...

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