International Musician & Recording World Magazine January 1979 Clash John McLaughlin Peter Gabriel

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International Musician & Recording World Magazine January 1979 Clash John McLaughlin Peter Gabriel

International Musician January 1979 featuring The Clash, John McLaughlin, Peter Gabriel, Robin Williamson, Tom Scott etc.

20 It's all for hire ... Sean Hogben and Eamonn Percival journey deep into the world of roadies and PA companies to bring you a comprehensive guide to the mechanics of rock and roll. 38 Peter Gabriel, past, present and future ... The charismatic former Genesis frontman is still an original and important artist on the rock scene. Adam Sweeting talks to the man behind the masks. 
44 The Clash "We're musicians," say Micky Jones and Topper Headon of Britain's premier punk outfit. David Lawrenson finds out what the duo think about their music and fellow musicians. 
84 Tom Scott: guided by his instinct Arguably rock's number one hornman reveals some interesting sax facts during this interview with Steven Rosen. 
90 The incredible string sounds of Robin Williamson Celtic lore and weird and wonderful instruments all make their appearance in this feature on the former Incredible String Band man. 
99 The cultural improvisation of John McLaughlin Our Johnny has come a long way from his native Yorkshire and the Graham Bond Organization to being the leading light in guitar improvisation. Bill Stephen caught up with the man in New York and learned, among other things, about his 13-string Gibson. 
131 Musex '78 show report Words and pictures from the Liverpool music show. 
143 Leading lights Cerebrum Lighting is the everyday story of a suburban success. 
151 The Producers — Martin Rushent The New Wave has thrown up its own producer. Read how he deals with the Stranglers, 999, Buzzcocks and many more in the studio. 
208 The Hire Companies A list of who hires what, to whom and for how much. 
7 Letters What's the connection between Andy Powell and Kelloggs? This and more in the post bag. 
108 Albums Dedicated listening by the IM insomniacs has produced reviews of the Clash, the Jam, Ray Charles and BB King among many others. 
116 Buzz Two pages which have become a hive of activity. 
133 Playing — Jim Rodford The Rodford files are open this month on bass guitar amplification. 
157 Studio of the Month Might well be subtitled "Go forth and muultitrack" this month, as we take a trip to Eastbourne and sound out the International Christian Communications studio. 
159 Meet Your Engineer Win friends and influence people by your knowledge of the fader freaks. 
167 Guitar Workshop Stephen Delft continues with the second part of screening your guitar. 
174 Steel Works Picks, pedals, bars and leads sounds like an Irish navvy's wardrobe but in fact it's Dave Hayward's latest steel instalment. 
182 Understanding Synthesizers: 8 More sizing up of a synth from Tony Horsman. 189 Small Things Stephen Delft shows you how to get your head together. 
225 Ad Index 
52 DELFT'S GUITARCHECK With competition between Japanese guitars hotting up, Stephen enters the fray with a review of a Yamaha SF500. 
55 LUMLEY'S SYNTHCHECK IM's favourite busy bee buzzes around a new Wasp synthesizer and discovers an amazing instrument that won't sting your wallet. 
59 RODFORD'S BASSCHECK Jim puts an Ovation Magnum II through its paces to see if it's worth a round of applause. 
63 SAWICKI'S SOUNDCHECK I Stacks of facts on a Marshall 4140 combo amp, which comes in a very classy mink coloured finish. 
69 SOUNDCHECK II Mark's second instalment features another combo, namely the Music Man 112RP 65. 
72 HYMAS' KEYBOARDCHECK Direct from his oriental excursion with Jeff Beck and Stanley Clarke, Tony gets back to the basics with a look at the ever-popular Fender Rhodes. 
76 DRUMCHECK This test on a Sonor rosewood kit explains why Sonor are one of the biggest and best European manufacturers. 
81 IN BRIEF A Morley Pro Flanger and an EMO direct injection box are given the once-over by the IM musos. 
196 DIBBLE'S SPEAKERCHECK Ken's in the driving seat again as he checks out a range of standard compression drive units. 

International Musician was a UK magazine in production from 1974 to 1991. During the 1970s, the International Musician Magazine contained extensive interviews with many well-known rock, pop, jazz, metal and indie recording artists. Interviews focused on the recording techniques, recording equipment and instrumentation favoured by the artists interviewed...

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