International Musician & Recording World Magazine July 1976 Ian Hunter Gallagher and Lyle

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International Musician & Recording World Magazine July 1976 Ian Hunter Gallagher and Lyle

International Musician July 1976

10 Letters

12 Why the valve sound?
I.M.‘’s cool heads Mark
Sawicki and Ray Hammond
prevail as the tube-transistor
debate rages

18 Soundcheck
Two amps get the twice-
over from our experts

26 Keyboard Check
Rod Argent reviews a
Godwin electric piano

30 Drum Check

34 Guitar Check

38 lan Hunter
Eamonn Percival sorts out
the bad boy of British rock

43 Albums

46 Gallagher & Lyle
Tony Bacon talks to two of
Ayrshire’s finest exports

49 Home Recording
Ray Hammond on getting
the best sound out of the
worst room — and on tape

51 A French Letter
Bob Henrit reports from the
funkiest Chateau in France

58 Buzz: Glasgow and

65 Dealer of The Month
Percussion Sounds,
Nottingham’s answer to a
drummer's heaven

69 Dealer News
72 Synthesizers Unravelled
in the first of a series,
Graham Hinton wages a one
man war on the mythology
surrounding synthesizers

79 Studio Diary
83 Voice Box

Eamonn Perciva! finds out
how Peter Frampton gets
that fantastic sound.

87 Big Back Yard
The first in an occasional
series of looks at regional

91 Mixing Lofgren with
A look at the sound behind
Nils Lofgren

96 Room Acoustics and
their effect on P.A.
Ken Dibble reveals all

101 Music News
107 Miking the Back Line
Ray Hammond reveals all
110 Back Line Amplification: What the
Bands Are Using
Eight top bands reveal all

113 Back Line Amplification
Tony Bacon reveals what the
best bets are in Britain

122 Market Report:
Roland Keyboards
What a revelation! 
41 dealers
tell the naked truth!!

137 Price Scanner
144 Dealer Guide
145 Studio Guide
146 Hire Guide
148 Classified
150 Reader Service

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