International Musician & Recording World Magazine May 1979 Stephen Stills Paul Weller David Bowie

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International Musician & Recording World Magazine May 1979 Stephen Stills Paul Weller David Bowie

International Musician May 1979 featuring Bowie, Stephen Stills, Paul Weller, Pat Travers, Steve lillywhite, Georgie Fame, Ian Carr, George Duke etc.

Special Features 
28 Stephen Stills An exclusive interview by Steven Rosen with one of America's most influential musicians. 
36 Single Minded Paul Weller David Lawrenson finds out how the man behind the Jam spreads his considerable talents. 
46 George Duke Is In Charge After many years of playing with the top names, ace key-hoardist George Duke is now lording it over his own band. Jeff Pike investigates the man and his music. 
102 Twenty Years of Fame The story of a Lancashire tad who made good Georgie Fame talks about his career from playing at Butlins to becoming the king of British R'n'B. 
108 No Riffs For Pat Travers Famonn Percival tracks down the hard working Canadian guitar star and finds out why Ted Nugent is redundant. 
112 Ian Carr — Nuclear Fusion Jeff Pike in the driving seat once again talking to Britain's foremost jazz-rock exponent. 
167 Playing: Guitar By Mitch Holder 
169 Playing: Sax By Alan Holmes 
171 Playing: Pedal Steel By Dave Hayward 
Test Section 
52 Budget Guitar Review A three-in-one review from Stephen Delft, featuring a Madeira jumbo, a classical and an electric. 
56 Basscheck The Rod ford files are open again as our resident bass expert Jim casts his eyes over a BC Rich Mockingbird. 
60 Guitarcheck For his second review Stephen looks at an expensive but nevertheless excellent Lowden acoustic. 
64 Steelcheck IM's man of steel Dave Hayward discovers a British made instrument which could show Bud and all those other famous ,American makes a thing or two. 69 Synthcheck Multi-purpose Dave Simmons checks out a Multivox string and brass ensemble. 
72 Soundcheck I A new British bass amp, the Frunt 200B conies under Mark Sawicki's scrutiny. 
76 Drumcheck This month a drum kit for musical newsreaders. a Gretsch Broadkaster II. 
81 PA Check No. not a monthly wage bill. but a chance for Ken Dibble to dabble in the world of PA systems. He kicks off with a hefty beast in the Ram-Air speaker system. 
84 Soundcheck II With Spring in the air. Mark's thoughts have turned to the sun. A Sunn Beta combo to he precise - and you can'ta beata thata. 
88 Keyboardcheck Tony Hymas goes Roland and tumbling with an RS505 string synth. 
204 Speakercheck Ken makes the most of a Bose 802 loudspeaker system. 
131 Studio of the Month Ridge Farm. Dorking 135 In the studio with Bowie By his piano player Sean Mayes. 137 The Producers: Steve Lillywhite Young Steve is one of the newest and hottest talents behind the mixing desk. 
141 Studio Diary Needletime notes. 
143 Sound Workshop Offer Your very last chance to become a studio wizard at half price. 
Regular Feature 
15 Letters The columns of controversy and criticism. 
20 Buzz News of hands and happenings the length and breadth of Britain. 
117 Queries This page for ailing musos and their gear could well turn into a hit TV series. 
150 Understanding Synthesizers Tony Horsman explores the wonderful world of the' sequencer. 
156 Hi-Fi for musos What happens after the music leaves the studio, and the best way to hear it. 
180 Albums New Wave, Old Wave, Permanent Wave, it's all here. 
189 Guitar Workshop Stephen Delft continues his tips on adjusting beginners' guitars. 
225 Ad Index 

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