International Musician & Recording World Magazine November 1976 Lol Creme 10cc John McLaughlin

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International Musician & Recording World Magazine November 1976 Lol Creme 10cc John McLaughlin

International Musician November 1976 featuring  Lol Creme/10cc, John McLaughlin etc

22 News A look at recent happenings in the biz 
26 Letters Tony Bacon replies to readers' questions 
30 10cc 
Lol Creme and Kevin Godley unveil their new secret weapon 
38 Soundcheck 46 Guitarcheck 
Mark Sawicki looks at the beauty of a Pearl combo 
A Harptone jumbo and a Badass bass bridge reviewed by Stephen Delft 
48 Sthall Things Bits and pieces checked out by Mr. Delft 
50 Drumcheck Bob Henrit discovers life in a Mars 5 kit by Tama 
52 Keyboardcheck 56 Build A Loudspeaker Cabinet: Part 3 59 Home Recording 
The innermost secrets of an Elgam Talisman organ unlocked by Rod Argent  
Are you baffled by baffle panels? Ken Dibble unbaffles you. 
A look at power amps and their applications 
63 Paris Trade Show A not-so-naughty French show 
67 Marquee Studios The busiest red light in Soho 
70 Albums The best of November's long-players 
74 Power Measurement Mark Sawicki tells us how to use the test equipment he showed us how to build  77 Studio Diary Who's been making tracks across England 
81 In Brief Short reviews of instruments and equipment 
86 Dealer News Who's been buying what where 
88 Trade News A look at recent happenings in the trade 
92 Peavey Market Report What dealers think of Mississippi Musical Merchandise 
103 Competition Your chance to collect a classy combo 
104 John McLaughlin The art of playing a twin-neck explained by the mystical Mahavishnu 
112 Bill Nelson A few columns on Nelson, by Tony Bacon 
118 Jan Akkerman Axeman Akkerman talks to Steve Rosen 
122 Synthesizers Unravelled Part 5 Graham Hinton elucidates patching and control 
130 Dealer of the Month Andertons of Guildford, the reason why musos hurry to Surrey 
139 Price Scanner 146 Dealer Guide 
An easy to use guide to U.K. prices 
147 Studio Guide 
148 Hire Guide 150 Classified 
152 Readers Service 

During the 1970s, the International Musician Magazine featured extensive interviews with many well known rock, prog, pop and jazz recording artists, such as The Who, ELP, George Benson, Jaco Pastorius, Frank Zappa, Iron Maiden and a host of others. Interviews usually focused on the recording techniques, recording equipment and instrumentation favoured by the artists interviewed.

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