International Musician & Recording World Magazine September 1976 Eric Clapton Status Quo

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International Musician & Recording World Magazine September 1976 Eric Clapton Status Quo

International Musician September 1976 featuring Eric Clapton Status Quo Jaco Pastorius etc.

8 Letters 
Eamonn Percival replies to readers' questions 
12 Eric Clapton God returns to the British stage, and E.P. reports the Second Coming 
20 Guitarcheck 
Stephen Delft reviews new guitars from Music Man 
24 Soundcheck 
Mark Sawicki has a look at the latest in electronic equipment 
38 Drumcheck 
Premier, the king of British drums, submit their 717 kit to Bob Henrit's scrutiny 
43 Keyboard check 
Crumar's Multiman, reviewed by Rod Argent 
48 Quo's Heaviest Number Ray Hammond on Status Quo's recent release 
52 Jaco Pastorius 
Weather Report's amazing bassist talks to I.M.'s fairly amazing bassist, Tony Bacon 
58 Keep Music Live 
Your chance to join and support the Musicians' Union 
63 Electric Lady Studios Gary Graif man looks at the House that Jimi built 
70 3uild a 1KHz Sine Audio Generator  78 Build a Loudspeaker Cabinet   74 Synthesizers Un-ravelled: Part 3 
Mark Sawicki's easy to build project 
Ken Dibble begins a series on cabinet construction 
Envelopes and control, elucidated by Graham Hinton 
83 Albums 
I.M. reviews the latest releases 
89 Home Recording 
Ray Hammond looks at headphones 
93 The MCI Story 
A tale of growth and progress 
97 Studio Diary 
A look at the international recording scene 
99 Pebble Beach Recorders Ltd. 
Eamonn Percival reviews the South Coast's recording paradise 
104 Buzz: West Yorkshire 
I.M.'s team uncovers a richly textured music scene in the heart of the textile country 
115 Dealer of the Month 
119 Dealer News 
Rock City of Newcastle, the latest link in the White chain. 
120 Music News 
123 M.I.C.A. Marlboro 
The Syosset success story, as told to Gary Graifman 
128 The Premier Story 
The history behind the Premier sound 
134 Market Survey: Premier Premier dealers evaluate the product 
142 U.K. Studio Services 
Tony Bacon reviews the British recording scene 
155 Price Scanner 
An easy to use guide to U.K. prices 
162 Dealer Guide 163 Studio Guide 
A Who's Who of U.K. dealers 
A What's Where of U.K. Studios 
164 Hire Guide A Where's What of U.K. Hiring facilties 
170 Readers Service 

During the 1970s, the International Musician Magazine featured extensive interviews with many well known rock, prog, pop and jazz recording artists, such as The Who, ELP, George Benson, Jaco Pastorius, Frank Zappa, Iron Maiden and a host of others. Interviews usually focused on the recording techniques, recording equipment and instrumentation favored by the artists interviewed.

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