Kicks Magazine No 9 July 1982 Wham Queen Aswad The Business Altered Images

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Kicks Magazine No 9 July 1982 Wham Queen Aswad The Business Altered Images
Kicks No 9 July 1982 

4 Courting Disaster with TEENAGE MARRIAGES 8 Rap! Bang! Crash! with WHAM! 10 Ripples 15 HOTLINE - The column that gets up your nose 16 BELLE STARS on the IKO IKO bandwagon 20 Roll over K.G.B. and dig those RUSSIAN rhythm and blues 23 QUEEN - talking to the brains of the outfit 24 LOVE and SEX - Yeah! 27 Who are you? KICKS gets nosey 29 Open letters 31 Party time with ALTERED IMAGES 36 In Your Own Write buries the greasy gods of rock'n'roll 36 It's odd! It's unbelievable! It's a STRANGE TALE 38 Xword 39 What STAR sign are you man? 40 Why McENROE and WIMBLEDON don't play ball together and what's CLIFF RICHARD up to on the Centre Court? 43 Getting down to THE BUSINESS 44 Ban that film - no burn it! It's UNDERAGE 46 Films 48 Profile on MACHO MAN Victor Stallone 50 "They'll tell you anything. Talk of LOVE. But take it from me pet they're all after ONE thing" - the KICKS SHORT STORY 54 THOMAS DOLBY looks at this months HITS AND MISSES 56 Want more hair - try BOBTAILS 58 Wha' happenin' to ASWAD 60 Penpals 61 ALBUMS 62 Letters 

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