New Sounds New Styles Magazine February 1982 with poster of Haircut 100 + Dexys Midnight Runners

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New Sounds New Styles Magazine February 1982 with poster of Haircut 100 + Dexys Midnight Runners
New Sounds New Styles Magazine Feb 1982 No. 8 Includes Haircut 100/Dexys Midnight Runners poster
SIOUXSIE and the Banshees were from the Bromley contingent house band; Punk's style Stormtroopers who formed the group for one night 5 years ago. Now they've released a Greatest Hits LP.

If you walked into a hidden Covent Garden clothes shop in 78 chances are the person selling you the latest padded shoulder shirt would have been one of Mr Steve Strange.

ID editor and famed soul scorcher Alex Sharkey recounts a Rollercoaster life where the sounds made you want to get on up and get on down. There's only one music that ever meant sex, Mr James Brown, the sex machine.

OMD supported Gary Numan in 1978. Electricity was one of the earliest discs to launch the new electric shock.

Lydia may not like it, but she's trendy New York incarnate. She's being a teenage Jesus, a queen of Siam, even an 8 eyed spy. A 21 year old within lust for Life tells her tale.

This month your ears are assailed by TV 21, Blue Nile, the White Brothers and Wide Boy A wake. 

Peter Silverton takes a look at the pair who make for the pair who call themselves Soft Cell: Tainted Style. 

This month the hip hit goes to the pictures to see Christiane F, a cinematic study of a fourteen-year-old Bowie-obsessed heroin addict and prostitute in Berlin, and an even more revolting study of Duggie Fields, painter, poseur and person-about-town. It also talks to Gil Scott-Heron, "the finest lyric writer in America." 

Panny Charrington is a photographer of movement, music, mood. Inspired by the original Italian futurists, she's photography in motion. 

Cristina, ZE's stable siren, sits in her mum's home and sends out for cookies. Toby Goldstein eats them while Ebet Roberts snaps. 

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