Omaha Rainbow Magazine 15th anniversary issue Autumn 1988 Arlo Guthrie Nanci Griffith

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Omaha Rainbow Magazine 15th anniversary issue Autumn 1988 Arlo Guthrie Nanci Griffith

Omaha Rainbow No 40 Spring 1988

2...O'BSESSIONS WITH JOHN STEWART - Special thanks to Molly
Swan, Dave Batti, Allan Shaw, Paul Darwin, Rod Wilson, Ken
Hunt, Buffy Luke and John.

5... KIMMIE RHODES, interviewed by John Tobler in June 1988 in
the Texas Consular Building in West Hampstead, London.
Special thanks to Joe Gracey, Wes McGhee, Maysoon Pachachi,
Pete Flanagan and all the other hard working people at the
Zippo Music Group. The cover photograph of Kimmie Rhodes is
by Butch Hancock. The photographs on pages 5 and 7 are by
Alastair Harry in Austin, Texas.

9...BUTCH HANCOCK & JIMMIE DALE GILMORE, interviewed by David
Deverson on Tuesday 26 July 1988 at Town House Hotel in York.
Special thanks to Terry Clarke, Chris Lawrence and, in
particular, Maureen Deverson for typing and listening. The
photograph of Jimmie Dale Gilmore on page 9 is courtesy of
Andy Childs and Demon Records in beautiful downtown Brentford

11..ARLO GUTHRIE, interviewed by Spencer Leigh on Monday 8
February 1988 for BBC Radio Merseyside at Southport Theatre.
The interview was broadcast in ‘On the Beat' on 10 August.

13..BOBY KING & TERRY EVANS, interviewed by Mart Sinnock for
Obscuro Enterprises on Wednesday 18 May 1988 backstage at the
Brighton Centre. The photograph on page 13 is by William
Claxton and is courtesy of John Crosby at Special Delivery:

15..NANCI GRIFFITH, interviewed by John Tobler on Wednesday

10 June 1987 and Tuesday 9 February 1988 in London. Special
thanks to Chrissie Cremore at the MCA Press Office in London
and to Richard Wootton Publicity for providing the photograph
of Nanci on page 15.

18..LYLE LOVETT, interviewed by Swing 51 Editor, Ken Hunt, on
Thursday 25 February 1988 and Thursday 16 June in London.
Parts of this interview appeared as an article in Folk Roots
in September 1988. Thanks co to Chrissie Cremore and Phil
Ross at the MCA Press Office in London and to Mark Bliesener
and Peter O'Brien for their help. The photographs of Lyle on
pages 18 and 20 were once again supplied by Richard Wootton.

23..ROXY GORDON - "Waltz Across Texas (For Butch Hancock)" -
from his new book, "West Texas/Mid Century", available from
1 September for $3.75 plus postage from Wowapi Press, 5746
Oram, Dallas, Texas 75206, United States of America,

24..RICHARD DOBSON - Don Ricardo's Life and Times. The
thirteenth in a continuing series. State of the Heart

26..IAN TYSON - a brief resume of the successes brought about
by his “Cowboyography" album and on the Cutting Horse Rodeo
Circuit. The photograph is courtesy of Columbia Records, USA.

27..The LOMAX GOLD Record Collection

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