Omaha Rainbow Magazine No 36 1985 Bruce Springsteen 4 page interview Gene Clark Townes Van Zandt

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Omaha Rainbow Magazine No 36 1985 Bruce Springsteen 4 page interview Gene Clark Townes Van Zandt

Omaha Rainbow magazine No 36 Spring 1985

2...ed JOHN STEWART, interviewed by Mike Davies for Radio
Beacon in Kingewinford on Friday 10 August 1984. Special
thanks to John Atkins. Photographs of John Stewart on
pages 3 and 5 are by Dave Burton.

7...ROXY GORDON - Growing up in Talpa, Texas. A reprint
of the of the article which first appeared in the
Southwest Letter column of the Dallas Times Herald on
Sunday 3 February 1985. Hello to Bob & Louise and J.D. &
Marcille out there in Coleman County.

8...BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, interviewed by Roger Scott in
Hartford, Connecticut - 7/8 September 1984. This
interview is copyright Roger Scott and Patrick
Humphries. Roger is a Capital Radio DJ and Patrick is
co-author of "Bruce Springsteen : Blinded By the Light,"
published in London by Plexus. Many thanks to them both.
All the Bruce Springsteen photographs in this issue were
taken by Terry Lott at Wembley Arena, London, during
"The River" tour in June 1981.

12..Roxy Gordon's life and times with TOWNES VAN ZANDT -
Get Involved With a Legend.....or two!!!

14,.PETE PRAME's "LOS ANGELES ‘85" Family Tree.

16..PETE PRAME's LONG RYDBRS Pamily Tree. Hello and best
wishes to Pete Flanagan at Zippo Music.

17..PETE FRAME's RAIN PARADE Family Tree. Thanks, Pete!
18..GENE CLARK, interviewed by Barry Ballard in
Wimbledon on Thursday 14 March and Aldershot on Thursday
21 March 1985. Thanks to Nigel Cross and Geraint Davies
for permission to use extracts from their respective
interviews in London on Tuesday 2 April and in Cardiff
on Saturday 9 March. Thanks also to Chrissie Oakes, Dave
Minne, Tony Pinchas and Joe Slattery. The photographs of
Gene on pages 18 and 20 were taken by Tony Pincham in
Brighton on Wednesday 3 April 1985.

22..CHRIS HILLMAN, interviewed by Geraint Davies in
Cardiff on Friday 7 September 1984.

23..JIM ROONEY - “SILVER” - One more time at Club 47.
24..TOM RUSSELL, in conversation with Ed Becker of
Illinois. Ed is a long-time subscriber to Omaha Rainbow
and has great taste in music. Tom Russell you should
know already and will know even better after reading
this. The photo of Tom was taken by Tom Grillo. Special
thanks to Carlos Zaragoza.

26..RICHARD DOBSON - Don Ricardo's Life and Times. The
seventh in a continuing series,

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