Omaha Rainbow Magazine No 40 Spring 1988 Loudon Wainwright John Phillips Chris Isaak Nanci Griffith

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Omaha Rainbow Magazine No 40 Spring 1988 Loudon Wainwright John Phillips Chris Isaak Nanci Griffith

Omaha Rainbow No 40 Spring 1988

2...O'BSESSIONS WITH JOHN STEWART - Special thanks to |
Molly Swan, Allan Shaw, Dave Batti, John Hoke, Judy Jones,
Paul Darwin, Buffy and John.

4...JOHN PHILLIPS, interviewed in 1987 by Buddy Woodward
in San Francisco, California. Thanks again to Allan Shaw.
The photograph of John Phillips with Pete Frame on page 4
was taken at the 1977 Knebworth Festival by Bert Muirhead.

8...ROXY GORDON - "Buffalo" - Another tale from Talpa,

10...CHRIS ISAAK, interviewed by JOHN TOBLER in London in
the Spring of 1987. The cover photograph of Chris Isaak is
by Bruce Webber. The photograph of Chris Isaak on page 10
is by Ric Lopez. Both are courtesy of the WEA Press Office
in London.

14...NANCI GRIFFITH - "Passing By the Dragons" - by Tom
Russell. This appreciation pre-dates her signing to MCA.
Look out for an interview with Nanci Griffith in the next
issue of Omaha Rainbow. The photograph of Nanci Griffith
on page 14 is courtesy of Jennifer Bohler of Network Ink,
Nashville, Tennessee. Tom Russell is co-writer of Nanci
Griffith's new single, ‘Outbound Plane', from her second
MCA album, "Little Love Affairs". His own excellent albun,
“Road to Bayamon", is released on Philo Records in America

16..JOHN HIATT, interviewed by Swing 51 Editor, Ken Hunt
on Wednesday 27 May 1987 at the Asgard Offices in Camden
Town, London. The photograph of John Hiatt on page 16 is
by Howard Rosenberg and is courtesy of Geffen Records.

David Suff and Ken Hunt in February 1988 and drawn by
David Suff who has an exhibition of ‘The Garden Suite' and
other etchings at the Honor Oak Gallery, 52 Honor Oak
Park, London 8E23 from 22 March - 2 April 1988.

20...LYLE LOVETT, interviewed by Bright Lights:Big City
Editor, Joe Pearson on Thursday 25 February 1988 at the
MCA Offices in London. Special thanks to Chrissie Cremore.
The photograph of Lyle Lovett in 1982 on page 20 is from
the Lomax Gold archives.

24...LOUDON WAINWRIGHT, interviewed by Spencer Leigh for
BBC Radio Merseyside in Pizzaland, Lord Street, Southport
on Wednesday 22 October 1986. The interview was broadcast
in his series "On the Beat" on Sunday 26 April 1987.
Spencer has been researching for a musical about the Eddie
Cochran and Gene Vincent UK tour of 1960. It will be
opening at the Liverpool Playhouse on July 7th, 1988.

25..RICHARD DOBSON - Don Ricardo's Life and Times. The
twelfth in a continuing series,

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