Omaha Rainbow Magazine Spring 1983 Tom Rush Willie Nelson Richard Thompson Bobby King John Stewart

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Omaha Rainbow Magazine Spring 1983 Tom Rush Willie Nelson Richard Thompson Bobby King John Stewart

Omaha Rainbow Magazine Spring 1983

2...O'BSESSIONS WITH JOHN STEWART - Special thanks to
Maia Rehlin, Ambjorn Ziden, Ben Blake, Bob Westfall, Rex
Rutkoski, Jennie Tomlinson and Richard Wootton.

3...TOM RUSH, interviewed by Mick Skidmore in a bar in
Cambridge, Massachusetts, during December 1982. The
photograph of Tom Rush on page 3 is courtesy of New
Light Recordings, while Mick Skidmore took the photo of
Tom onstage at Lincoln, Massachusetts, in September 1982

7...ROXY GORDON and Willie Nelson. The illustration of
Willie Nelson on page 7 is drawn from a photograph taken
by Charlyn Zlotnik and is the copyright of Kerry Awn
1975. The cover photograph of Willie Nelson, and those
on pages 8 and 12, were all taken by Terry Lott.

9...WILLIE NELSON, interviewed by Nelson Allen at
Willie's home in Austin, Texas, in April 1975. The
complete interview was first published in Picking Up the
Tempo Number 7 in May 1975 and is reprinted here with
Permission. The Mr.Willie and Nelson heading on page 9
is again copyright of Kerry awn 1975.

16..RICHARD THOMPSON, interviewed by Tom Russell at his
hotel in New York City in December 1982. The photograph
of Richard Thompson on page 16 is courtesy of the
Hannibal Records’ Press Office in New York.

19..BOBBY KING, interviewed by Mart Sinnock for Obscuro
Enterprises at the Pavilion Gardens in Brighton on
Friday 4 June 1982. The photograph of Bobby King on page
19 was taken by Mart Sinnock at the same location.

21...ROBERT MARQUAM - Born 19 August 1949. Died 28
February 1983. This photographic tribute of his time
spent drumming with the Joe Ely Band was assembled by
Peter O'Brien from a series of superb photographs taken
by Martha Grenon of Austin, Texas. Clockwise, from the
top, they show 1) Robert Marquam at the Tornado Jam in
Lubbock, Texas, on 2 May 1982, 2) Jesse Taylor at the
Pony Express in Phoenix, Arizona, on 14 December 1981.
3) Ponty Bone, Joe Ely, Jesse Taylor and Michael
Robberson at Gruene Hall (Texas’ oldest dance hall) in
Gruene, Texas, on 6 March 1982, 4) Smokey Joe Miller and
Joe Ely at the Pony Express. 5) Terry Allen, Joe Ely and
Linda Ronstadt at the Cotton Club in Lubbock, Texas, on
1 May 1982, 6) Joe Ely at the Pony Express. 7) Joe Ely
and Charlie Sexton at Club Foot in Austin, Texas, in
June 1982.

22...RICHARD DOBSON - Don Ricardo's Life and Times. The
second in a continuing series, This time, “A Letter to

23...The LOMAX GOLD Record Collection.

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