OZ Magazine No 7 October 1967 Martin Sharp Bob Dylan cover

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OZ Magazine No 7 October 1967 Martin Sharp Bob Dylan cover
London OZ Magazine No 7 (Oct/Nov) 1967 Martin Sharp Bob Dylan cover.

Contents include Angello Quattrochi - ‘Wog Beach Shock’ + graphics. ‘What’s So Good About Bob Dylan?’: An Attempt at Analysis by Michael Gray 6pp+ with graphics and transcription of ‘Song to Woody’. Nov 1st National Drop-Out Day ad. Other Scenes by John Wilcock. ‘Cock Up Spaniels’ by David Widgery. ‘Michael X and the Flower Children’ interview + photos by Horace Ove + notes from Malik’s pre-trial. 2pp ‘Nothing But Flower Children’ photostrip. ‘In Bed With the Americans’ by Polly Peachum. Film ad for How I Won the War. Ad for Penthouse and its “5,000-word celebration of hippiedom” (this issue’s editorial notes a “reciprocal advertising arrangement with Penthouse” and condemns the fact that the OZ ad was censored because “Penthouse has exclusive rights to British obscenity”). IT subscription. Ad for The Mothers’ Freakout. ‘Blueprint for a Beautiful Community’ by John Wilcock. The Science of Being and Art of Living by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi reviewed. 2pp ‘Delusions’ cartoon by Hama. Back cover: ‘Had a Good Holiday?’ - Andrew Fisher’s indictment of sunbathing + Medusa graphic

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