Rave Magazine March 1965 Rolling Stones Moody Blues Paul McCartney PJ Proby

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Rave Magazine March 1965 Rolling Stones Moody Blues Paul McCartney PJ Proby
Original UK Rave Magazine No.15 March 1965 - Georgie Fame on front cover. Published by George Newnes


Hi, again. Glad you made it for another raving madly month!
A look at Dodo's Diary reminds me that it’s St. Patrick’s Day
on the 17th. So, begorra! let's join the Blarney Stones in
lreland. Twinkle’s sister (alias rave girl Dawn James) went
along, too, and penned the strictly rave coverage of this
Stones Tour for you... 
Maureen O'Grady (our rave girl from County Cork) talks more
on more girls—the ones who date the Pop Boys. She knows
them. Likes them. And says—don’t envy them. 
WHY? Read her reasons p. 28.
M’m'm’mmn meet the m’m’moodies at home, P.9,and Cliff at
the Palladium—a feature that’s Zero Cool* (P.37).
All this and Fame for everyone reading
rave this month in Alan Freeman's
frankest feature yet.
For a complete breakdown of this
rave, take a peep at ‘what's in
it for you.

10 New Rave—The Gentle Art of Judo
34 Cathy McGowan's New Hairstyle
46 Steve McQueen Story
48 Motorbike Story
3 Touring With The Stones In Ireland
9 The M'm'm'moody blues boys
20 Animal Understanding
22 Cathy McGowan's R.S.G. Quiz!
26 Rockin’ Berries turn Secret Agents
28 The Girls Behind The Pop Boys
37 My Changing World By Cliff
42 Billy J.—it isn't going to last for ever
16 The Swingiest Street in Town! rave
goes shopping for clothes down
Carnaby Street, W.1.

14 Heart-to-Heart. Freeman meets G. Fame
44 Mike Grant's Star Beat—pop gossip
45 Superjobs
52 Penny Well's column
52 Dodo's Pop Diary
54 U.S. Cable—the latest from America
56 Today's Raves
58 Girl In A Girl's World—TWINKLE
61 Mr. Raveables
61 You're Telling Us!
62 We're Telling You/Pen-Pals

4-5 The Stones 
9 Moody Blues 
25 Rockin’Berries 
29 Pau! Beatle 
32-33 PJ Proby 
36-37 Cliff 
60 Max Baer Jnr. 
64 Gene Pitney/Bobby Shafto

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