Sunday Times Magazine 2 September 1973 Schools Motorbike Art Mendoza Abrahm Tuschinski

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Sunday Times Magazine 2 September 1973 Schools Motorbike Art Mendoza Abrahm Tuschinski
The Sunday Times Magazine Contents, September 2, 1973 Nine Steps to Super-mac: concluding his examination of political leadership, Roy Jenkins looks at British Prime Ministers from Lloyd George to Macmillan. Page 18 School without Tears - A guide for parents on the eve of the new school year, including a comparison of 24 meals from 24 different schools, by Jenny Richards; photographs by Chris Barker and Ian Yeomans. Page 26 Cover pictures: top, left, Kirkby Malham School; right, Westminster School; bottom, left, Manchester Grammar School; right, Kidbrooke School. Gently into the New Term: a strategy for backing up children at school. Page 31 Janet and John and the Cat on the Mat: the new approach to learning to read. Page 35 New Maths for Old: a glimpse into revolutionary new methods for achieving numeracy. (All three articles by Brian Jackson.) Page 38 There's More to It Than Chalk: vision of an open-minded open-plan school, by Lesley Garner; photograph by Eric Lockrane. Page 43 Portrait of the artist as an easy rider: Daytona, Florida, sets the stage for America's motorcycling folk-cult; photographs by Flip Schulke. Page 44 Pyre for a Hijacker: photographs of the last minutes of the Japan Air Lines jumbo jet at Benghazi airport, by Genevieve Chauvel. Page 48 Art and the Assassin: profile of Mendoza - the artist who tried to kill the Pope, by Ron Laytner, with Mendoza's draWings. Page 58 Rift Valley Notebook by Lesley Garner. Page 66 The Dreamland of Abrahm Tuschinski: a visual account of Amsterdam's famous art deco movie house, by Meriel McCooey; photographs by Robert Freson. Page 74 Only here for la biere: a sampling of that French phenomenon - Club Mecliterranee, by Philip Norman; photographs by Colin Jones. Page 80 Bridge by Boris Schapiro; Chess by C. H. O'D. Alexander; Mephisto Crossword Page 87 Three-Course Race: week 1 - for the working couple; the first of a three-part cooking series by Margaret Costa; illustration by Dan Fern. Page 90 Sept 1973.

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The Sunday Times Magazine is a popular supplement to The Sunday Times newspaper. The Sunday Times Magazine became Britain's first colour newspaper supplement on its launch in February 1962. Over the past 50 years Sunday Times Magazine regularly featured impressive images by many of the worlds leading photographers. Known for it continual supply of sumptuously presented images are works by many highly regarded writers such as Ian Fleming, Martin Amis, Zoe Heller, James Fox, Bruce Chatwin, Nicholas Tomalin and Jilly Cooper.
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