Sunday Times Magazine 26 March 1972 Hitler's Possessions His pictures & papers etc Legacy of Egypt

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Sunday Times Magazine 26 March 1972 Hitler's Possessions His pictures & papers etc Legacy of Egypt
The Sunday Times Magazine March 26, 1972. Contents: Spain the Noise of Rebellion: the miners of Northern the Franco regime Spain and their confrontation. Investigation by James Fox with photographs by Colin Jones ; Page 14 . The Legacy of Egypt: 2, The Popular Arts: continuing our examination of Ancient Egypt's influence on art and design in the Western World, by Michael Darby. Page 22 The Great Telepathy Test: in November 1970, the Magazine organised a country-wide test of extra-sensory perception, and invited readers to take part in Britain's widest-ever survey on ESP. The results are analysed by a consultant psychologist and Dr Christopher Evans. Page 34 Picking Hitler's Pocket: a collection of the Fuehrer's private possessions and Family photographs, recently auctioned in Munich; and an account, by Antony Terry, of Hitler's strange relationship with his niece Geli Raubal. Cover: v Fuehrer's writing paper. Page 46 African Honeymoon: a journey made by novelist and playwright Frank Norman through the black settlements of South Africa. Page 57 Shelling Out for Easter: a consumers' guide to the welter of chocolate crowding the shops this week a Magazine Easter-egg tasting, by Valerie Wade; photographs by Alain le Garsmeur. Page 74 The Cunning Cook 6: to conclude her winter series, Margaret Costa discusses the economics of cooking with pork; illustration by Alan Cracknell. Page 80 The Jewellery of Tutankhamun: a special offer, to mark the Treasures of Tutankhamun exhibition, of replica jewellery of the Ancient Egyptian period. Page 88 Bridge by Boris Schapiro; Chess by C. H. O'D. Alexander; Mephisto Crossword. Page 90 .
TheThe Sunday Times Magazine is a supplement to The Sunday Times newspaper. The Sunday Times Magazine became Britain's first colour newspaper supplement on its launch in February 1962. Over the past 50 years, The Sunday Times Magazine has featured stunning images by many of the worlds great photographers. As well as a string of sumptuously presented images are works by many highly regarded writers such as Ian Fleming, Martin Amis, Zoe Heller, James Fox, Bruce Chatwin, Jilly Cooper and Nicholas Tomalin.

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