Sunday Times Magazine February 25 1973 cosmetics and makeup by Doreen SavageJacqueline Bisset

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Sunday Times Magazine February 25 1973 cosmetics and makeup by Doreen SavageJacqueline Bisset

THE SUNDAY TIMES magazine Contents, February 25, 1973 

Cover photograph of Jacqueline Bisset, who has recently completed work on Truffaut's La suit am'ericaine by Eva Seren 
The smooth way: the problem of unsightly hair, and how to remove it, by Valerie Wade; photographs by Ian Yeomans. Page 24 

What the eye can't see . . . : Doreen Savage Trust and her camouflage cosmetics, by Brigid Keenan. Page 29 

The face of good fortune: the importance of being attractive, by Jane Alexander. Page 33 

Chests out, bottoms in: what makes a man attractive? The male and the female views, by Meriel McCooey; drawings by Ken Wynn. Page 36 

Beauty is where you find it: some addresses to help those in search of less conventional beauty problems. Page 39 

Just an old-fashioned girl ...: actress Jacqueline Bisset tries some old Indian beauty preparations; photographs by Eva Sereny. Page 40 

One in every port: conceptions of beauty throughout the world, by Brigid Keenan. Page 42 The face maker: Gordon Bau — Hollywood make-up king — interviewed by Meriel McCooey; photographs from the Kobal collection. Page 45

BEFORE SCHOOL Part two of our three-week series for the parents of young children. The father's role: how the father can share in the family's upbringing, by Henry Biller, illustration by John Holmes. Page 48 

How strict? Pauline Peters talks to Dr Elizabeth Newson about discipline; illustrations by Tony Meeuwissen. Page 53 

The facts of death: teaching children about mourning, by Suzanne Ramos, illustration by Tony Meeuwissen. Page 57 

Watching their step: the safety of your child, by Nicholas Mason; illustration by Tony Meeuwissen. Page 61 

A present from Europe: Continental rubbish shores, photographed by Gerald Woods. 

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