Sunday Times Magazine June 17 1973 Robert Grossman Watergate Nixon Calcutta

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Sunday Times Magazine June 17 1973 Robert Grossman Watergate Nixon Calcutta
The Sunday Times Magazine Contents, June 17,1973 Cover illustration by Robert Grossman This is Calcutta: a photographic portrait - capturing the atmosphere of past and present-of the world's most unmanageable, overwhelming city, by Raghubir Singh. Page 20 ONE MLUON YEARS OF ART One Million Years of Art: announcing a new series beginning in the Magazine next week. Page 34 Won't You Step Into My Parlour? London's dubious massage parlours, investigated by Russell Miller; illustration by Alan Manham. Page 36 WATERGATE: A three-part examination of the political scandal - sparked off by the burglary of the Democratic Campaign headquarters a year ago today. Page 48 1. The Aides: the men round the President, and their involvement in the Washington raid and its aftermath; researched by Lewis Chester and David King. Page 50 2. The Bugging: how the Watergate Seven broke into the Democratic headquarters, by the man who helped then Alfred Baldwin; photographs by David King. Page 5 3. Nixon - from Checkers to Watergate: the career an crises of Richard Nixon assessed by William Shawcross Page 64 Gardeners' Guide: redesigning the lawn; planting tomatoes; the Roof and Terrace Garden; Part 8 of our year-long series. Page 77.

The Sunday Times Magazine is a supplement to The Sunday Times newspaper. The Sunday Times Magazine became Britain's first colour newspaper supplement on its launch in February 1962. Over the past 50 years, The Sunday Times Magazine has featured stunning images by many of the worlds great photographers.

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