The Face Magazine

The Face magazine was a popular British music, celebrity, fashion and youth culture magazine launched in May 1980 by Nick Logan who had also previously created the teenage pop magazine Smash Hits, and had been an editor at the New Musical Express (NME) in the 1970s. Some well know writers associated with The Face magazine over the years were designer and typographer Neville Brody (Art Director, 1981–86), creative director Lee Swillingham (Art Director 1993-1999), Craig Tilford (Art Directior 1999-2002), Graham Rounthwaite (Art Director 2002-2003), Julie Burchill, Tony Parsons, photographers Juergen Teller, David Sims and writers including Jon Savage, Fiona Russell Powell and James Truman and a whole host of others. If you have any copies of The Face for sale please get in touch via our contact link below.
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