The Face Magazine No 3 July 1980 David Bowie Bryan Ferry Stranglers The Cramps The Beat Motown

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The Face Magazine No 3 July 1980 David Bowie Bryan Ferry Stranglers The Cramps The Beat Motown
The Face Back Issue No 3 July 1980 

Isn't it comforting to know that Hughie and the boys are facing up to questions that have haunted mankind since the Dawn of Time? 4 

Bryan Ferry 
A fairly candid interview with old smoothie chops himself. The Face goes Uptown . . . 15 

If you only take your culture in small doses, Linton is the man to dispense it. Baaass Culture, man  28 

I will if voodoo! The author of this line is now a very unhappy toad 41 

The Beat Generation: a rags to ranking story. A Face/Feet First Presentation 21 
David Bowie 
What's The Thin White Wonder up to in The Land Of The Rising Sun? We haven't got the faintest idea. But we do have some photos 24 

You wanna a white poet? We got white poets too. Go Johnny Go . . . 34 

Orchestral manouvreing in the dark. Anyone know the way out of here? 44 
What made Detroit famous made a Mickey's Monkey out of me. By Tony Parsons 48 
Reviews and June A-Z release listings 58 

The Distractions 7 The Damned 8 Flip Clothing 10 Buzzcocks 13 Julie Burchill 40 Movies 55 Crossword 61 Letters 62 

Excellent condition

Publisher/Editor Nick Logan.

Design Feet First Graphics and Steve Bush Inc. 

Regular contributors of The Face magazine over the years included Janette Beckman, Adrian Boot, Julie Burchill, John Cooper Clarke, Anton Corbijn, Gary Crowley, Kevin Cummins, Chalkie Davies, Geoffrey Deane, Fred Dellar, Robert Elms, Tony Fletcher, Jill Furmanovsky, Glenn Gibson, David Hepworth, Lois Lane, Mike Laye, Ray Lowry, Rick Mann, Mick Middlehurst, Neil Norman, Tony Parsons, Deanne Pearson, Derek Ridgers, Sheila Rock, Chris Salewicz, Jon Savage, Pennie Smith, Mike Stand, Steve Taylor, Vaughn Toulouse, Virginia Turbett, Stan Westwood, Ian Wright.
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