The Face Magazine No 9 January 1981 Ramones Bob Marley Madness/Suggs Dead Kennedys Vivienne Westwood

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The Face Magazine No 9 January 1981 Ramones Bob Marley Madness/Suggs Dead Kennedys Vivienne Westwood
The Face Magazine No 9 January 1981. The World's Best Dressed Magazine.

After Let it Rock, Sex and Seditionaries, her new collection is World's End 25 
Another one of those 'How I Discovered The Pistols And Lived' stories 28 
The tide of terror in the cinema. Shock? Schlock! 50 

Shitty dog stories and the Alternative Miss World 6 
Would you believe that he buys all his clothes from Take Six? Nor would we . . . 9 
In short, the inside story on the Progress Of The Pose. By Robert Elms . . . 13 

David Byrne and Tina Weymouth do the talking . . . 32 
THE 1980 SHOW 
123 Things To Remember 1980 By. A feast of photos 40-48 
THE Ramones 
Vaughn Toulouse gabsawhile with Johnny and Joey 52 
Dury, Jam, Blondie, M, Adam albums; Dogs Of War, Caligula; Books and Film Buff 55-61 
Human League, The Freshies, Intrinsic Intellectuals, Girls At Our Best! Peter York, Ray Lowry, Julie Burchill, Montgomery Cliff, Debbie Harry 

Suggs does his Man in Vogue bit. In colour ... 16 
Bob Marley 
His battle against cancer began as far back as 1977. Now he fights for life 18 

Excellent condition.

Publisher/Editor Nick Logan.

Design Feet First Graphics and Steve Bush Inc. 

Regular contributors of The Face magazine over the years included Janette Beckman, Adrian Boot, Julie Burchill, John Cooper Clarke, Anton Corbijn, Gary Crowley, Kevin Cummins, Chalkie Davies, Geoffrey Deane, Fred Dellar, Robert Elms, Tony Fletcher, Jill Furmanovsky, Glenn Gibson, David Hepworth, Lois Lane, Mike Laye, Ray Lowry, Rick Mann, Mick Middlehurst, Neil Norman, Tony Parsons, Deanne Pearson, Derek Ridgers, Sheila Rock, Chris Salewicz, Jon Savage, Pennie Smith, Mike Stand, Steve Taylor, Vaughn Toulouse, Virginia Turbett, Stan Westwood, Ian Wright.
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