THE HIT Magazine Sept 14 1985 Paul Weller Barry McGuigan Simply Red Jesus and Mary Chain

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THE HIT Magazine Sept 14 1985 Paul Weller Barry McGuigan Simply Red Jesus and Mary Chain

THE HIT Magazine September 1985

5 HOT  The shots that start our war on boredom. 
10 SIMPLY RED Red Mick, singing sensation of The HiT RED Hot EP, sings the praises of classic vocals that make his soul soar. 
14 THE HiT SQUAD Four readers get put through their paces. This week they're despatched to Radio One to run amok on the Janice Long show. Next week, who knows? There'll be a new HiT Squad every month: find out how you can get in on the action. 
19 JESUS AND MARY CHAIN Musical hooligans. 
20 THE HIT SURVEY Would you fight for your country? 
23 MOVIES The HIT goes for The Big Picture. 
211 WIN A SWATCH Don't Swatch that, Swatch this: wrap your wrist in style with our timely competition. 
20 DANNY PEACOCK the lace in some well dodgy ads. 
3 SINGLES I Seven-inch stiffs and stars on 45. 
32 AMERICAN FOOTBALL The HIT muscles in. 
37 ALBUMS Dexys Midnight Runners return from their wilderness years. Was it worth the wait? 
40 HIT THE STREET HiT fashion is for real. Our first style spread: a cool look at beat chic. 
42 HIT THE ROAD STYLE COUNCIL g- The HiT's hunt for the hottest, hippest music will go to the ends of the Earth. Just to prove it, we follow Weller's wonders to Australia and watch them come up well on top down under. Plus our regular reviews of all the live action worth the name. 
45 WIN BARRY McGUIGAN'S GLOVES The Hit gets in a clinch with Lonsdale and comes up with a killer competition. 
48 THE HiT LIST Films, music, video, TV ... if it's happening. it's in The HiT List. 
50 REDSKINS U Britain's bolshiest band lay down the party line on skinhead style. 
57 THE HIT PARADE FIVE whole pages of top singles and LPs on the Network chart, best-selling videos, reggae, hard rock, dance grooves and all the winners we can fit. Check especially The HiT's TV listings compiled by 15-25 year-old viewers all over the country. 
9 HIT OUT Tony Parsons lets rip at Rambo. 

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