Time Out Magazine August 13-19, 1971 Oz Trial Mike Maran Vic Corti Do It! Pip Simmons theatre grou

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Time Out Magazine August 13-19, 1971 Oz Trial Mike Maran Vic Corti Do It! Pip Simmons theatre grou
Time Out London No 78 Magazine Aug 13-19, 1971 

News  4 Features: OZ Trial 8.5pp  8 Sky City  16 Mike Maran   25 Vic Corti   32 Do It!  Pip Simmons theatre group 34 Children's Films  52 Music: .Reviews.  22 The Other LP Chart  23 Diary   26 Places  29 Theatre: West End Shows  36 Fringe Shows & Events 38 Dance  39 Opera   39 Drag   40 Film: News & Reviews   .50 A—Z Index  55 West End Cinemas   56 Local Cinemas   58 Late Night Films   62 Clubs & Societies   63 NFT  64 Cinema Voyeur   64 Agit Prop  7 Exhibitions   19 Environment   20 Odds & Sods   21 Letters   21 Poetry   40 Lectures   40 Children   41 Radio & TV  43 Food   45 Sell Out   47 Books   48 Classified Ads   65 

Radio &TV 
Wednesday is Doomsday. The BBC's 'Late Night Line-up' team predicts a horrific battery existence in 2,000 storey flats within 90 years (9.45 on BBC2), Peter Harper, scientist, anal-yses the seduction of science by morality and ideology, the spinster Aunts of this year's generation gap (8.25 on Radio 3) and Michael Billington attacks words themselves and finds them increasingly meaning-less (9.45 on Radio 4). `Controversy: Defence and the Responsibility of the Scientist' (Mon-day, 9.20 on BBC2) presents a debate on the allegiance of contemporary scientists to the State. The furtive growth of chemical and biological weaponry is seen as an inevitable, yet awful consequence of this allegiance. 'Defence' is the first of five 'Contro-versy' programmes. What arc we doing about it? Hear Richard Neville, Peter Hain and other 'New Radicals' in their attempt to answer that question (Tuesday, 9.0 on radio 4). 

In the West End don't miss the last week of Buster Keaton (Academy) or try a little find--a Phillipe de Broca comedy (he made 'That Man From Rio') starring Ursula Andress and J P Behnondo `Up To His Ears' at the Tolmer from Mon to Wed. Amongst the locals, best bet is to catch up with The Wild Bunch' (Chelsea), 'Some Like It Hot' (Hampstead) and 'Downhill Racer' (Haverstock Hill). For late film goers there's Franju's 'Eyes Without A Face' (Kentish Town Venus Thur-Sat) and a double 
one screening this season at the New Cinema Club on Monday at 7pm. There's an all-night music film pro-gramme at the Electric (Fri and Sat) which includes 'Don't Look Back' and 'Monterey Pop'. 

Art Spectrum now open at Alexandra Palace, over 100 artists with every-thing from paintings through events and films to music. And last opport-unities to see the Alastair McAlpine Gift, together in entirety, at the Tate. 60 brightly coloured, abstract pieces from the 'New Generation' of English Sculptors. 

Roll on September for the Rock fans when the groups come back from working abroad to do the college circuit. In the meantime try Stone The Crows at The Marquee on Friday. C.M.U. Upstaris at Ronnies on Sat. have re-arranged their personnel and played very well on their last appear-ance at the club. On the same night Fairport Convention make an isol-ated appearance at Dagenham, Roundhouse and the following week the same venue presents the Grease Band for lovers of churning guitars and organ. If you want to follow up this 

bill of Menzel's 'Capricious Summer' and the captivating 'Woman Of The Dunes' (Islington Green Screen on Sat). The National Film Theatre shows films by Lennon and Ono (Fri) and `Pierrot le Fou' (Friday late night). Warhol's 'Bike Boy' gets only 
week's music feature on Mike Maran, then you can sec him on Sunday evening at St Martin-in-the-Fields folk club, Trafalgar Square. Mike Westbrook's laughing. Oriental tenor player George Khan turns up with his own group at the Albion (Friday) and with Peter Lemer's at the 100 Club (Monday) ,this week. When he gets down to serious business he can be an author-itative voice, as can Dudu Pukwana and John Dyani, both at the 100 in the same band. International high mote artist Maynard Ferguson, known and loved by sensitive dogs the world over, brings his own band to the 100 on Thursday. On another and less professional tack, the Scratch Orchestra is now in residence at the Alexandra Palace Arts Spectrum throughout the week and Michael 
Chant's 'Private Company', an off-shoot of it, plays there on Monday next. The BBC Symphony contrib-utes to Verdi's 'Requiem' at Tuesday's Prom 

August being a rather stagnant month it's probably a good idea to have a look round the really good bookshops like Compendium, Turret and Better Books and catch up on what they've got. 

'Do It!' from the Pip Simmons 

Theatre Group comes the the Theatre Upstairs this week with a reputation that should fill the theatre for a year-s() book now. Chris Wilkinson's 'I Was Hitler's Maid' continues its run at the Kings Head without the bene-fit of any national reviews. These two shows have more energy than anything you could see in the West End at the moment-don't miss this opportunity to find out what theatre should really be doing. 

Stop Press 
Agitprop Or Trial-A Protest Friday at 7.30pm at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, WC1. Speakers will include Will Hamling MP, James Hemming, Mick Farren and Michael Scofield. Sponsored by the British Humanist Association. Ring 937 2341 for further details. Rally and demo organised by the Irish National Liberation Solidarity Front. Sunday 2.30pm, at Speakers Corner, for march to Irish Embassy, Ulster Office and Downing St. Cinema ICA Adults films-not programme listed but Bunuel's `Vindiana' instead. ICA Young Cinema-Sats and Suns at 3pm now `Lords of the Forest', a documentary animal film on Africa's Great Rift Valley plus 'Sailing', a short. Essoldos-Maida Vale and Shepherd's Bush from Sun 'Tales of Beatruc 

Potter'. Chelsea 'Flesh' confirmed to 19 August. Kentish Town Venus-'Cremator' finishes Saturday. From Mon 16: 'The Wanderer' (Jean Gabriel Albi-cocco, 1968, Fr) Odeon Kensington-From 12th for season 'Anne of the Thousand Days' Lewisham Studio 7-To Saturday 'Hands Off Gretel', not 'Kes'. Paris Pullman Late-Thurs 'Cul Dc Sac'. Fri, Sat, Sun 'Chuppaqua'. From Mon 7 days 'Yellow Submarine' + let It BE'. Curzon-'Claire's Knee' finishing date uncertain; phone cinema before going. Buster Keaton-His little-seen classic short 'The Paleface' is showing with 'Tales Of Beatrix Potter' on release From 15th: Holloway ABC progs 5.00, 7.30 (Sun), 1.30, 3.40, 6.00, 8.20 (Week). Bayswater ABC progs as above. Ealing ABC progs 5.10, 7.40 (Sun), 1.40, 4.00, 6.20, 8.45 (Week), Harrow ABC 5.10, 7.40 (Sun), 1.40, 4.00, 6.20, 8.35 (Week), Edgware ABC 5.00, 7.30 (Sun), 1.30, 3.45, 6.05, 8.20 (Week). The film will be having more general release next week (22nd). Roundhouse-Late night Warhol movies. Mon 16th 'Lonesome.Cow-boys'. Tues, Wed 'Bike Boy'. 11.00. Tickets 50p plus temp membership 10p available at recep during day and 9.15 to 10.20 eve. Windmill Cinema-late night shows at 11.00 Thurs, Fri 'Sex Love and Marriage'. Sat, Sun 'Horrors Of The Black Museum' + 'The Pit And The Pendulum'. Mon-Wed `La Femme Infidele' (Chabrol). NFT-Mon 16 August on with the scheduled programme 'The Last Trait another John Ford movie 'Just Pals'  starring Buck Jones. 

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