Time Out Magazine No 1007 1989 December 6-13 U2/The Edge/Clockwork Orange David Peaston Tokyo Guide

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Time Out Magazine No 1007 1989 December 6-13 U2/The Edge/Clockwork Orange David Peaston Tokyo Guide
Time Out MAGAZINE No 1297 1995 Moondog Perdo Almodovar Majida El-Roumi
December 6-13 JEWRY'S VERDICT The Latvian and Estonian emigre community bitterly resent Jewish investigators' suggestions that they harbour war criminals in their midst. But as both sides trade recriminations, Richard Peneby discovers that exNazis may be leading peaceful lives in Britain. EN LUTON AND PILLAGING Luton's in search of a new image and can you blame it. The 'Luton's Looking Up!' Campaign, launched this month, sings the joys of the Arndale Centre, the British Hat Guild, EuroWindscreens, the Luton Potato Sack Murderer -- and much, much more. Brian Case visits the scene of the crime. STAGE BLOOD The film version of 'A Clockwork Orange' has been banned from English screens for 17 years by its own director. Now Anthony Burgess's prophetic tale of rape, ultra-violence and Beethoven is to be resurrected as a brutal play, under the aegis of the RSC and with music by U2's The Edge. James Christopher says, 'Viddy well, oh my brothers.' MI FOR THEIR EYES ONLY Censorship is alive and well with the British Board of Film Classification. One third of all '18' films and one fourth of '18' videos come under the editors' rusty knife, and some are banned altogether. In the wake of the BBFC ' Annual Report, Julian Pettey and Mark Kermode look at what the censor saw and you didn't. MN ST LOUIS BLUES Soul balladeer David Peaston has come a long way since he taught high school, but his ideals have stayed the same. On the eve of his London concerts, he talks to Geoff Brown of sax, sex, and his fight for creative freedom. SELL OUT: TOKYO GUIDE For Westerners, Tokyo combines all the creature comforts of. America with a blistering culture shock. Alexander Blackburn tells you how to disentangle its addresses and drunken salarymen, where to squeeze into a hotel capsule or dance to Japanese samba, and whose is the best sushi in town. Plus News: Andrew Tuck on The Clothes Show Live; Food: Caroline Stacey on eating to the beat in London's best live music restaurants. OFFERS Win a Nintendo video game system control deck; cheap Doug Anthony Allstars tickets; plus Jim Jarmusch's `Mystery Train' competition. This Week 6 The next eight days in pictures. News Plus Sidelines Preview Doug Anthony Allstars 27 The week ahead in: Books 29 Dance 31 Film 33 Art 37 Music 39 Theatre 46 Sports 50 TV & Broadcast Pick of the Week 51 Broadcast News 52 TV Selections 54 TV Films 56 Sell Out Tokyo 143 News Food 149 151 Offers 153 The cheap and the free Last Word 154 Letters and The Wimp Around Town 60 Art 62 Cabaret 67 Children 69 Dance 72 Film 73 Gay 97 Music Rock 101 Music Classical 114 Nightlife 116 Poetry 119 Politics 119 Sport 120 Theatre 122 TV & Broadcast 51 Classified 128 Cover design: Simon Gunn based on RSC poster by Malcom Garrett for Assorted Images Photograph: Kevin Davies

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